Men with children often fear divorce more than men who are childless do. History shows that a father’s rights in divorce have been ignored by many judges and courts, leaving fathers with little to no future relationship with their children. This can be difficult for many fathers to fathom and causes many of them to remain married even if the arrangement is less than ideal. Father’s rights attorneys can step in and help fight for equal parental rights.

Father’s Rights Laws Have Changed

Men should realize that much has changed in recent decades, thanks in part to father’s rights lawyers advocating for a change in the way child custody is viewed. All 50-states now have amended their statutes (the family laws that govern people) to now give dads equal custody rights because they realize that mothers are not automatically better caregivers. In most states, the law specifically states that both the mother and the father are presumed to be equal parents, unless or until proven otherwise.

Father’s Custody Rights

In terms of child custody, a father’s child custody rights are equal to those of a mother. Though many fathers find themselves paying child support because they earn more money than the mothers of their children do, they also receive visitation and parenting time with their kids, allowing them to maintain healthy relationships. Fathers are awarded visitation or custody so they can influence the development of their offspring. This is no longer the 1950’s – many men are stay at home parents or are the primary caregiver for a married couples children. Men can help their case in a child custody case by doing a number of things that carry weight in court when a judge is making a decision.

Checklist for Dads

  • Attend your child’s doctors appointments (and know who their doctors are)
  • Participate in extracurricular activities (coach a team or volunteer to ref)
  • Pick-up and drop-off at school so the teachers know you
  • Never get physical with anyone for discipline – and never with your spouse
  • Get in shape – judges appreciate physically fit parents (a parents own health is an important factor in custody cases)
  • Don’t move out of the house and away from the kids (unless absolutely necessary)
  • Be a positive influence on your kids

Fathers Going Through a Divorce Need an Attorney

The process of fighting for custody or visitation can be overwhelming to a father going through a divorce. Fortunately, father’s rights attorneys specialize in these cases, providing help when it is most needed. Father’s rights lawyers even help fight for a father’s rights to child support when the mothers of the children earn more money. They recognize that there is no shame in asking for financial assistance when it will ultimately benefit the life of a child.

The concept of fathers and custody in divorce need not be a scary one. Fathers who want joint or even primary custody should fight for it. Assistance from a specialized attorney can make this process much easier. The lawyer will gather documentation that illustrates the caregiving potential of the male parent. Getting your life in order and setting down a proven track record of your involvement will showcase to the court that the best interests of the children are number one in your life.

Next Step

Start preparing and organizing your life. Connect with father’s rights lawyer and put things in motion for a positive fresh start on the next chapter in your life. If you need father’s rights help in the form of more information or preparing a case for child custody or visitation, schedule a free consultation by filling out the form. During this initial meeting, you will learn more about how our fathers rights lawyers can assist. Working out visitation or custody during the divorce process is the best way to start the new life on the right foot.

If you have been treated unfairly and need assistance in the divorce process then fill out the form to have one of our father’s rights advocates help you immediately!

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