Father's Rights During DivorceFather’s rights during divorce deserve to be protected! Fathers have long been denied their rights when it comes to child custody following a divorce. Courts traditionally held the view that mothers were better caregivers than fathers were, even if mothers had no financial means of supporting their children. This left fathers to pay child support in divorce while mothers received primary custody. Fathers considered themselves lucky to receive any visitation time with their children. Our team of divorce attorneys are professionals in fighting for your father’s rights – get a free consultation!

Get Your Father’s Rights During Divorce!

Life is much different now and many fathers are finding themselves in much better positions. Father’s rights during divorce are viewed as equal to the rights of mothers and with help from experienced attorneys, fathers can win custody of their children. Fathers are enjoying more quality time with their offspring and playing larger roles in the development of these youngsters.

Great strides are being made to obtain  father’s rights to child support being exercised throughout the country. Fathers who do not earn as much as the mothers of their children do are receiving money to cover childrearing expenses. Once unheard of, this is a tangible indication of how much society has changed in recent decades. The rights that fathers have fought so long to earn are finally being awarded to them.

Father’s Have as Many Rights as a Mother in Divorce

During divorce, fathers have just as much right as mothers do to request custody of their children. Custody may be agreed upon privately by the parents during divorce, with an attorney putting the arrangement in writing and submitting it to the court for final approval. It can also be arranged by the court, a situation that usually occurs when the divorcing couple cannot agree on custody. If a custody case goes to court, the father should get himself an attorney.

A lawyer who specializes in child custody helps to exercise a father’s custody rights in divorce. A strong case is needed to support the claim that the father will be an equally good or better caregiver for the children. The court bases its decision on the best interests of the child and this may involve considering the emotional bond between the children and each parent, the established living patterns of the children, and the lifestyle of each parent.

If none of the factors considered by the court clearly favor one parent, the court considers which parent is likely to provide a stable environment for the children. It also identifies which parent will be better at fostering a relationship between the children and the other parent. Fathers can win custody if their lawyers prepare cases illustrating that they are the better choices from these standpoints.

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