Can Father's Get Child Support During Divorce?When marriages end, many people wonder, can father’s get child support during divorce? With approximately half of all marriages ending in divorce and many married couples having children,  father’s rights during divorce has become a major concern for millions of individuals nationwide.

The father’s rights movement focuses on how child custody and child support affect both fathers and their children. Fathers who want to share parenting responsibilities with mothers join this movement, dealing with difficult issues such as whether fathers are entitled to child support. Divorce attorneys fight for father’s to get them the child support they deserve – speaking with a father’s rights divorce lawyer is a good place to start.

We Help Father’s Get Child Support During Divorce!

Child support is the term for periodic payments made on an ongoing basis for the financial benefit of a child of divorced or unmarried parents. Though child support is typically paid by a custodial parent to a non-custodial parent, some jurisdictions permit non-custodial parents to receive child support. If parents are awarded joint custody both are considered custodial parents and the parent with the higher income may be required to pay child support to the other.

Being male or female does not determine the duty to pay child support, so either a mother or a father may be required to pay. Expert attorneys help father’s get child support during divorce because the custodial parent, whether male or female, deserves the support afforded under the law. The support arrangement is often made as part of a divorce and may supplement arrangements for spousal support, commonly called alimony. Parental rights to child support have been recognized on an international level by the United Nations, the Hague Conference, the European Union, and other entities.

Child support regulations and laws vary by and within nations. In the U.S., parents may make voluntary or informal arrangements without going to court. However, many parents retain legal counsel to protect their rights. This is especially important when it comes to fathers and child support because historically, the rights of male parents have not been recognized, forcing many fathers to settle for less than they deserved.

To learn more about a father’s rights to child support, contact an attorney who specializes in this matter. After reviewing the financial situation of both parents and exploring different custody arrangements, the attorney will provide an estimated child support figure. Armed with this information, fathers can proceed with informal or formal discussions with the mothers of their children during the divorce process. Father’s rights to child support during the divorce process are worth fighting for.

Fathers who choose to file legal motions for child support should consider hiring an attorney. In this situation, the applicant or legal representative must appear at a courthouse  to file the paperwork and the mother will then receive a court summons. The mother must then attend a court hearing where responsibility for child support payments will be determined. With the proper divorce attorney on your side, you will find out that yes, father’s can get child support during divorce just the same as mother’s can. Don’t waste valuable time, get your father’s rights to child support right away by speaking with our team for a free consultation!

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