Back Child SupportFor parents, knowing their child support rights includes understanding how to recoup back child support payments. A court award of child support to one parent does not guarantee that the other parent will pay. When the balance begins to add up, action must be taken before the child is negatively affected. Expert attorneys that handle back child support cases can get you started down the right path with a free consultation to help you learn your rights.

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The federal government, each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia have child support enforcement agencies. Federal and state laws take tough stances with non-custodial parents who do not pay court-ordered child support. The term “deadbeat parents” is even included in the titles of some state laws regarding back child support, reinforcing the message that these individuals are not looked upon fondly. Though child support enforcement is handled by each state, the procedures are very similar among all states.

State and district attorneys are authorized to act on behalf of custodial parents to collect back child support, per the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984. Non-custodial parents that refuse to comply are subject to penalties that include removal of privileges such as a passport and even jail time. State attorneys do not hesitate to garnish wages, freeze bank accounts, and place liens on property to recoup back child support owed.

In some cases, a child support case extends beyond state boundaries. The federal Uniform Interstate Family Support Act  (UIFSA) applies in multi-state disputes regarding past-due child support. A second state must defer to a court-mandated child support order entered in the home state of the child. In addition, only the law of the state where the order was entered will apply to requests for modification. The custodial parent may mail the order to a court or employer in another state for assistance with reinforcement. A lawyer for back child support will help accomplish this in an efficient manner.

If a non-custodial parent is in financial distress, even bankruptcy will not discharge back child support. This individual must formally request a child support modification and prove necessity by revealing the financial situation. If this motion is not filed, the court may issue a default judgment of child support delinquency.

A custodial parent who is having trouble collecting past-due and back child support payments should consult with a lawyer for child support. State and federal child support laws can be difficult to decipher and they sometimes overlap. An attorney will explain the legal recourse available to the parent and take the steps necessary to recoup the back child support payments owed. Speaking with an expert child support attorney for free is the best first step you can take! Get started today with a free evaluation!

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  1. we live in Edmonton ky our child support office will not help us get any help on this cituation NOTHING They can do is what she says my granddaughter never received any BACK child support from her dad of 14 yrs that is when SHE wanted to take her dad to court mainly to show she exsist she then started her child support since then he still ignores her CAN she get back child support onhim from birth he has denyed her since birth

  2. I have fought the child support system in Versailles indiana for almost 17 years to get the support for my son Devin Charles Combs born 4/9/1996 that was ordered by court for him to pay. He has had many jobs over the years and never keeps them long the only time I get the support I am supposed to is when he keeps a job that comes right out of his check. He drops off 40.00 every 6 weeks or whenever he wants to. This man keeps jobs that pays him cash now so they can’t do a support withholding on him. I call the child support system everyday and get the same answer we have to set a court date set up,he is over 2,000 back just in the year not counting the other amount he was behind. I just don’t know what to do the Versailles child support clearly does not do their job. My husband works construction and we have 3 more children I need help on what to do.please email me. Amy Yorn

    1. familylawrights

      The state typically does not work supper hard or fast for you in child support matters. Hire a private attorney–it will pay off in big ways because they will be all over your ex. They will find his jobs, garnish his wages, and even intercept his paycheck. If he is in violation of a court order, they may even be able to file a petition for attorneys fees for forcing you to come back to court with an attorney to collect what you are due. Don’t waste any more time, act now!

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