Many parents disagree on various things during a divorce and child visitation is a big one. Each parent may want to spend as much time as possible with the children. Many parents have similar work schedules, which makes it difficult to enforce the maximum visitation rights of one without being detrimental to the other. A skilled lawyer can help with visitation schedule problems.

Child custody arrangements typically include a visitation schedule that details the place, time, and manner that an exchange in child custody will take place. The child goes from custody of one parent to that of the other. The visitation schedule outlines the times that each parent will have custody of the children. It is typically broken out into weekdays, weekends, holidays, and summer vacations. It may also include special situations such as the illness of the child or the parent taking on visitation. Having a good parenting agreement helps to avoid visitation schedule problems right off the bat!

This schedule may sound simple to develop but for many parents, that is far from the case. Both parents may want to have custody on a particular holiday, weekend, or even a certain day of the week. This is where visitation schedule problems begin. A child visitation lawyer has experience with handling disagreements regarding visitation schedules. He or she understands how to steer the discussion to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.

When determining child visitation, a family court judge considers the rights of both parents. By obtaining legal representation, parents ensure that their visitation rights are exercised. Lawyers also help parents iron out disagreements or misunderstandings regarding visitation schedules. Certain stipulations in the child custody arrangement may make the schedule seem confusing and parents should attempt to resolve their differences without haggling. If not done correctly, your worst nightmares can surface causing agony over constant visitation schedule problems.

At a certain point, one parent may seek additional rights for visitation with the children. If the other parent opposes the petition, he or she can explain this at the court hearing or may choose to be represented by a child visitation lawyer. Either way, the goal is to draft a custody and visitation agreement that meets the needs of both parents without unduly hurting either one.

Spending time with children is important and visitation helps make this happen. Divorcing parents should be aware of their rights regarding visitation and should attempt to work out a visitation schedule. When agreement is not possible, they should obtain legal representation. This makes it easier for both parties to arrive at a positive outcome without causing additional damage to their relationship. Avoiding visitation schedule problems is important to building a good relationship with your child, and only a skilled visitation attorney can do this job effectively.


6 thoughts on “Can a Lawyer Help with Visitation Schedule Problems?”

  1. Heart Broken Dad

    I am a divorced father of two elementary aged boys. Since the divorce, their mother has remarried and moved 900 miles away. The current visitation agreement has them with me for Christmas vacation, April vacation, and 6 consecutive weeks during the summer. While this is a lot of time, it is not enough. I believe that, as their father, they should be able to see me everyday. But that isn’t the issue. The issue is that she is always hindering my visitation time and my phone time with them stating that “they don’t want to talk to you.” It is obvious to me that they aren’t going to want to talk to me while she is there talking negative about me all of the time. Does it make sense to file a motion to compel? She failed to allow my mother to exercise my time in my absence during the summer last year and has stated that she isn’t going to allow the full April vacation this year. Do I have enough ammo to file in contempt?

    1. Contempt is a difficult situation. If she moved 900 miles away, was this a violation of the original court order or did you agree to allow her to move that far away? If not, she is in violation right there. On top of that, if she is interfering with your regular and telephone visitation than yes, you can file for contempt. Depending what state you are in it will be a Petition for Rule to Show Cause and/or a Petition for Adjudication of Indirect Civil Contempt. Get an attorney to help–its really the only way to protect your rights in the proper manner.

  2. I need to know where to get stared on the vistitans on my son I have him full time so the dad want rights so what do I do I want parper on fill. Of the rights

    1. Getting a parenting agreement properly prepared regarding visitation rights of your child is an important thing to do. One of the most important things to do is to find out what you are willing to accept as far as time your child s father can spend with your child, and then trying to work that agreement out with him. A child custody attorney will help to prepare a parenting agreement that works for you. Map out a plan that works for you and contact a child custody attorney to memorialize it and enter it with the court!

      1. Hi, I am in a tuff situation, have a court date coming up in a few weeks. I am trying so get visitation with my kids whom I pay child support for, their mother is making it very difficult for me to see them under conditions she drew up. They have to be supervised and only with one certain person. I will be representing myself as I cannot afford an attorney. Please, is it possible for an attorney to prepare a parenting agreement so I can present to the judge?

        1. Many attorneys will do this, but the problem arises where the judge only likes part of the agreement and changes need to be made. Speak with an expert for free here on our site with your details. Telling the judge that your situation is tough without specific examples is a sure fire way to lose. Be as detailed as possible, but do not ramble on about things unrelated to the issue of you spending more time with your kids–do not stray off that exact direct topic!

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