You are going through a divorce and seeing the kids is becoming more and more of a challenge. Every time you show up at the ex’s house, it is another fight. If you are one second late bringing them back, you are threatened with the infamous, “You will never see them again!” How can you stop the vicious cycle of fighting to spend time with your children? You need an attorney that will fight for your rights!

The one thing both sides of this battle need to remember is that it is about the kids, not their ego or their bruised feelings. The kids have to come first and everything else has to be put to the side. Far too often parents use their children as a way to get back at the estranged spouse. “You broke my heart, now I will break yours!” However, the real loser in a battle such as this is the children.

Let’s run some rather disturbing stats by you and see if you still think it is worth that extra jab in the gut just to get even with your ex spouse:

  • Children coming from a divorced home are two times as likely to have their marriage end in divorce.
  • Children coming from a divorced home are less likely to excel in school and extend their education to the college  level.
  • Children coming from a divorced home are 25 percent more likely to develop some type of drug problem before their fourteenth birthday.


These facts are quite disturbing. It behooves both parents to take a hard look at how the fighting affects their children and figure some way to work it out amicably. It may take the person on the short end of the stick to be the bigger person, but isn’t swallowing your pride worth your child’s future?

The first step in avoiding fighting to spend time with your children is in letting the other party know the children have to be the priority. You two are joined together forever because of these kids, even after the divorce is finalized. Realize that even though you are not married, you will be in each others lives for years to come.

It is also important to realize that the child is not the one getting divorced here. Manipulating them against one another is only going to hurt them in the end. No, it will not be an easy process, but nothing is easy about divorce. Somehow, some way, you need to stay focused on the positive of the children throughout all the negativity that occurs during a divorce. Only an attorney skilled in custody can help get you the rights you deserve!

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