One of the most difficult decisions in your life is deciding that your marriage has ended and that it is time to consider getting divorce help. Whether children are involved or not may make this decision even more difficult. What is absolutely necessary is having a professional and compassionate attorney that understands that you have not come to this decision lightly, and that will treat you with the respect, dignity and compassion that you deserve. That’s what we do here, by providing 100% free consultations and listening to your needs.

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Divorce

It is too easy to become a victim of the pitfalls of going through the divorce process without seeking the proper divorce help from an expert divorce attorney. Dividing up of the marital and/or pre-marital assets is stressful without the help of divorce attorney. And when children are involved, the stress and difficulty compounds itself. Working with one of our expert attorneys will put your mind at ease, knowing that you not only have a compassionate counselor at law, but a fierce advocate who will fight for your best interests as well. No one will fight harder for your rights!

We will guide you through the process and avoid the pitfalls of divorce by helping you:

  • Protect your rights to your children
  • Fight for your rights to your share of the marital property
  • Making sure child support is correct and no one is taking advantage of the system
  • Working out a visitation schedule for your children with your spouse
  • Counseling you compassionately
  • Speaking out and standing up for you when its hard to do on your own
  • Providing you the resources to be the ultimate decision maker

Divorce Help from a Position of Strength and Heal

A successful divorce not only means protecting your rights, but doing so in a way that allows you to heal properly as well. In some instances, out of court settlements can be reached between the parties. In many cases, this is possible and can limit the time, heartache and legal fees involved in the divorce process. Only an expert attorney can provide you with the tools necessary to allow you to heal while getting you what you deserve. We believe in dealing from a position of strength by letting your spouse know that you are serious and you mean business while attempting to avoid confrontation on your behalf. This gets you what your family needs, and many times, lets the opposing party know that you mean business!

Of course, if the particular facts of your case make this an impossibility, you need an advocate that can fight on your behalf. An experienced divorce attorney will litigate to the fullest extent on your behalf to make sure that you get what you deserve—that is what we strive to provide for each of our clients. We are focused solely on divorce rights, and our results prove it.

Getting Started Fighting for your Family is Easy and get a 100% Free Consultation!

Child Custody in Rhode Island

You’ve already taken the most important step in the process of seeking out a qualified attorney that is right for you. Go on, fill out the form on this page and you will be able to obtain your 100% free consultation. During this difficult time you should at the very least rest assured that you have hired the right attorney—we make sure you have. Get started today, your family is counting on you to take advantage of the free evaluation we provide, and they deserve it.

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Even amicable divorces can be tricky. If you are about to get a divorce, you are surely researching whether or not you really need to hire an attorney. While there is the benefit in saving some money if you try to do this yourself, there is also the danger of falling into a trap set by your spouse’s attorney or missing some technicality that can literally cost you more in the settlement than the attorney would have cost you.

There are numerous reasons you should hire an attorney, even if you think the divorce will be amicable and uncontested:

  1. Is your settlement fair? Honestly, how do you really know if your settlement is fair or not? Do you have the capability of evaluating your retirement accounts over the next 20 years to see what the actual value of the account will be during that time? Financial concessions are one of the areas that divorcees regret the most and that can cause problems for them in the future.
  2. Do you really want to communicate directly with your spouse about these issues? Regardless of whether or not you and your spouse are getting along, negotiating the final details of child support, alimony, or any of the many other points in the divorce can be emotional and lead to very intense arguments. All it takes is one small point that makes either of you feel as though the other person is trying to get over and the divorce ends up in front of a judge. Let the family law attorneys hammer out the fine details and then bring it to you for approval. You will be surprised how much aggravation and stress that will save you.
  3. Do you understand your parental rights? This is one area, especially for fathers, where parents fall short. In an amicable divorce, exercising your rights may not be an issue, but that is not always the case. In a contested divorce, children are sometimes used as negotiating points and are even prevented from seeing their mother or father during the divorce. When things get ugly, especially when it comes to the children, your attorney can handle it legally, which will help you in the eyes of the court.
  4. Do you understand all the legal paperwork? Imagine coming to an agreement, or at least thinking that you have come to an agreement, and then finding out that you misfiled something or filled the paperwork out wrong. This factor alone is reason enough to at least consult with an attorney before moving forward with getting divorce help.
  5. Divorces can be emotional, which can create problems. Couples that are getting along reasonably (considering the circumstances) can often come to a standstill because something was said or done during the process that hurts their feelings. Honestly, in a divorce, there is no room for emotions. Acting or saying something driven by emotions can cause a major setback in the case and may even cost you financially in the settlement.

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