Amicable DivorceAn amicable divorce is possible if you decide to work through the difficult decisions with an eye on compromise. Divorces have an obvious reputation for being “ugly.” While this can be the case, there are plenty of divorces that are settled amicably and with little resistance. Believe it or not, some people simply grow apart emotionally and have no ill will towards each other. They simply want to move on with the next chapter of their life and just want a fair and amicable divorce as quickly as possible. Speaking with an experienced family law attorney is the first step to stopping the fighting and having an amicable divorce.

An Amicable Divorce Saves Money

When both parties are in agreement regarding the divorce, it is termed an uncontested divorce. There may still be some points that need to be worked out, but neither party is actually fighting the divorce. This allows both parties to avoid a lengthy and costly proceeding. For the points where the spouses fall short on agreement, an arbitrator or mediator can be used to help them settle these points to finalize the agreement.

If children are involved, family court will still be necessary to review the agreement regarding custody and support. Even in an uncontested divorce, the court will still ensure that all agreements are in fact in the best interest of the children. Once finalized, this agreement is binding and any violation, such as missing child support payments, will have legal consequences.

An Uncontested Divorce Saves Money

An amicable divorce (also known as an uncontested divorce) saves money as it avoids lengthy court battles. Even though this type of divorce is uncontested, it is still recommended that each party hire an attorney to make sure all the T’s are crossed the I’s are dotted. The attorney can review the agreement to make sure your best interests are represented and that your rights have been exercised. The divorce attorney’s knowledge will be especially helpful when it comes to divorces involving the custody and financial support of children.

An added incentive to having an amicable and uncontested divorce is the financial aspect. Unless the couple is wealthy, both parties are going to be paying all their bills by themselves again, which can create some financial challenges. With an average cost of a divorce being $20,000, couples can dramatically decrease this amount and move on with their life without emptying their bank accounts when they have a divorce without a fight.

There are many things to consider when starting the divorce process and after the children, finances should be a major concern. Working out an amicable divorce can speed up the process as well as saving both parties significant money. In fact, in cases where children are not involved, there are few assets, and both parties agree, the entire case can be handled for just a small fee, rather than a large retainer – speak to a family law attorney for free!

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