Father's RightsWhen parents separate, divorce, or do not live together, they must arrange for custody of their children. This process is not usually pleasant and can be particularly frustrating for the father. Many dads find themselves on the losing end of custody arrangements, receiving less time with their children than they wished and having limited control regarding important childrearing decisions. An expert father’s rights lawyer can prevent this from happening and can get you started with a free consultation.

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On the surface, mothers and fathers child support rights are equal. When making custody decisions, courts are primarily concerned with the physical and mental wellbeing of the children. Child custody laws vary by state but all attempt to ensure a fair outcome. Despite this, nearly one-quarter of child custody arrangements involve the children living solely with the mother, while just three percent involve children residing solely with the father.

If a father is fighting for primary physical custody of the children, he faces an uphill battle and representation from a father’s rights attorney is recommended to build a comprehensive case. Many fathers will settle for joint physical custody, the result of approximately 67 percent of all recent custody cases. However, even this can sometimes be difficult to obtain so legal representation is advisable. Attorneys explain father’s rights to their clients and develop cases to prove that fathers can be excellent single parents.

Some custody arrangements are unique and a father’s rights lawyer will help determine whether one of these is suitable for a father. Alternating or dividing custody provides parents with custody for alternating periods up to one or more years in length. When children are not with the father, he retains visiting rights. Though it is rarely awarded, split custody involves one or more siblings living with one parent while the others live with their other parent.

Traditionally, courts favored mothers when granting custody. However, the law dictates that a mother should not automatically be presumed to be the custodian of her children. Both a mother’s and father’s rights to custody are equal. Courts are increasingly reflecting this in their decisions by awarding joint custody.

Many factors, including the wishes of the parents, are considered when making custody decisions. Fathers seeking full or joint custody of their children should learn their rights and how to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome in court. A good lawyer fights for a father’s equal custody rights to keep the male parent involved in the lives of his children. Learn your father’s rights by getting a free consultation today!

5 thoughts on “Getting Father’s Rights to Equal Custody”

  1. I’ve been divorced for over a year. At the time of the divorce I had no idea of the process and had no money to hire an attorney, but she did. She filed in a different state and got all my possessions and the children. I had started a new job and was unable to hire an attorney to fight back.
    Two years passed before she allowed me to see my children. When I did see them they had stories of drug use by their mother, stories of abandonment and abuse in the school system. I confronted her about these things and she had told me it would never happen again. I still didn’t have the best job and no way to fight so I trusted her. I kept the lines of communication open and tried to help her regardless of how she’s treated me in the past.
    I sent my two boys Christmas this year, 2014. They only received a portion of it. I had to send the gifts to her father’s home because she refuses to give me her address. She refuses to give me names of those that take care of them while she is out. She also refuses to let me know when they are hurt, hospitalized or if they have issues in school. My oldest son tells me about these things when she allows me to talk to them on her phone with only her present. When the conversation turns to a subject she’d prefer me not to know of, she kills the call or mutes the phone.
    I have never looked for legal help. I haven’t really had the money to fight her. She has unlimited resources to help her as a single mother. It seems me as a father only gets what she allows.
    I work hard and I’m currently catching up on my support. I lost my job and after I reported the fact, the support was raised. I don’t understand why the system is the way it is. I was a loyal husband and I am still an excellent father. Meanwhile she is a drug addict, in a gang infested community, where the children are not safe. She takes all contact with the children from me depending on her mood or if she thinks she can get money.
    I don’t know what to do and I’m looking for help.
    Thank you,
    Bradford Hartman
    Production Director
    KNAB Radio
    Burlington, CO

  2. Currently about to go to court to fight my kids father. We became divorce over 4 years ago aggreed to equal custody living n both homes. That became disaster so I had the 2 younger kids move soley in my house but I never stopped the kids visitation with there dad. He has them every weekend, Hoiday, school vactions and birthdays pretty much as musch as he wants them. I have recently gotten engaged to me married and my kidss have a great relationship with my fiance. They go to school regularly, have great grades and I keep them very active in sports and church activities. I feel because of my recent engagement he plys on the kids making them feel guilty saying your mother has had you since divorce its time you come live with me. Well the kids love there dad and don’t want him to be upset so them say ok dad. i really hate to have my kids in a battle at age 13 and 16 but Just can’t let them live with him. I think I have been very fair on visitations and have done a great job this far by myself with no child support.. I don’t want to keep him out there life I just dont want them living inhis household. He workss late hours, alseep most of the day and since divorce the 2 kids i left was my older son wwhich is now in correctional facility adn my step daughter was kicked ooout at 17 she is now 20. My question is would I have a good case I so lost and not knowing waht to do.

    1. familylawrights

      Fight for custody of your kids. You may need to speak with an expert, and an attorney can tell you your rights. But, it looks like it will not be an easy battle.

  3. donald thompson

    What happens when a employer garnish wages for child support,submits NSF checks, partials and non-payments ,especilally when child support ignores it , does not inform me or employer? ?

    1. familylawrights

      In most states, if an employer does not follow the proper withholding, they can be held liable for fines and penalties. In some states, it can be as high as $100/day that they fail to comply withe the order for withholding. Speak with an expert who will help you file the proper papers and you stand a great chance at making a lot of money!

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