Custodial ParentsU.S. Census statistics reveal that more than three times as many U.S. households are represented by single mothers as by single fathers. Though approximately four million households are comprised of single fathers and their children, viewing divorced fathers as custodial parents is a relatively new development. However, fathers may make better custodial parents and they are making this known publicly. Learning your father’s rights is easy – get a free consultation with an expert!

Father’s Can Make Excellent Custodial Parents!

Though father’s equal custody rights were considered, traditional child custody arrangements seemed to default to the mother regardless of whether she was better suited for the role. Many courts considered a mother having custody to be in the best interests of the child even if the female was relatively unfit to parent. Dads were considered inferior when it came to primary custody because courts said that fathers did not have the parenting instincts that mothers did.

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Times have changed and father’s rights have been thrust into the spotlight for custody decisions. The traditional family has become a minority and more fathers are proving that they can be better custodial parents than mothers can. Men and women are equally adept at nurturing children, causing reevaluation of the Tender Years Doctrine that held that young children do better when their mothers have primary custody.

U.S. divorce rates exceed 50 percent and many couples have children out of wedlock. This means that more fathers will be retaining a father’s rights lawyer to fight for physical custody of children. These men are blazing a trail for other males to follow, proving that men can parent as well as, if not better than some, women. Traditional attitudes persist but these men are making their marks on society and could change the future for those following in their footsteps. Father’s rights experts can make sure that the court knows that you can be a better parent than the mother.

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At the beginning of February, fathers filled two courtrooms at the Nebraska capitol building to testify on father’s rights. Many dads stated that they wanted more time with their children even if this did not reduce their child support payments. These men are fighting for more time with their children and they have the backing of at least two Nebraska lawmakers.

As fathers continue to argue for their rights to child custody, more stories will emerge of dads being better parents than moms. Though tradition may die hard, there is no doubt that the tides are turning. With help from a father’s rights lawyer, many dads are winning primary custody of their children, changing the face of society. Learn your father’s rights with a free consultation with an expert father’s rights lawyer!

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7 thoughts on “Father’s May Make Better Custodial Parents”

  1. I have a question on behalf of my boyfriend,he has an ex that puts him through hell every week to see and talk to his son,now every time a holiday and vacation comes up she texts him over and over over about anything and everything or she tells him he can’t have him or tells him he can’t have him at the court appointed time to pick him up,just nonsense things. We just came back on vacation with his son and she called 3-4 times to talk to him and he let him talk to her now he is going to boy scout camp without the mother this year which she did not tell him he was going by himself and that he asked for the number so he can talk to him ,she refuses to give him the number to talk to him ,is this right or even fair or that she is refusing to give him the number , yet she will call him and says she has the right to talk to him ,but when he tries to do the same ,he gets nothing!

  2. I have lived with my girlfriend when she was pregnant with another mans child . She had the child in 2006 which I raised till present day > The child only knows me as her father since birth . The biological father was never in the picture . I have paid bills been to EVERY school meeting every hospital visit etc . I considered her my daughter since day one . I have been a great dad and even tried to adopt her but her mom and I and have just split I was paying child support when I moved out about a month ago , bare in mind that I paid day care baby sitters dance classes etc. Now her mom does not want to let me see my daughter . My question to you is I hired an attorney DO I HAVE RIGHTS TO FIGHT FOR VISITATION AND JOINT CUSTODY FOR MY DAUGHTER .Please advise ASAP thank you .

    1. This is a very difficult situation. Did you sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity when the child was born? If so, this gives you some rights as you have voluntarily stated that you are her father. However, if this is not the case, some states will not allow you to have parenting time with a child that isn’t your own. Please give us a call so we can set you up for free with a local father’s rights attorney.

  3. I was absent over year I & I’m fighting custody over my son. Now CPS did not granted my visitiations. Do I have any right to get my son back, currently mother is custody in jail. One of her relatives is fighting custody over my son. Do I have any rights to get him back???

    1. Family Law Advice

      Yes, you do have rights, but you must act on them immediately and with the help of a father’s rights attorney.

  4. I just have a question. When a child is born out of wedlock, does the Father have joint rights by signing the birth certificate?

    1. familylawrights

      You do not necessarily get joint custody when a child is born out of wedlock. However, you still have significant father’s rights regarding that child. Joint custody is not something that happens when a child is born, but is something that you gain when you petition the court for joint custody.

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