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Dad's Rights During Divorce

When you are a father, you need to fight for your dad’s rights during divorce. In the divorce process, each party is concerned with enforcing his or her rights. This is particularly important when the couple has children. Both fathers and mothers have child rearing rights though a father’s rights have traditionally been unrecognized. Fathers should learn about their custody, visitation, and child support rights before agreeing to any arrangements. By doing this, they can ensure that they play the desired roles in the lives of their children. The courts are beginning to recognize dad’s rights during divorce, and that is why we have specialists on our team that will fight to get you rights to your kids! Connect with a father’s rights attorney for free!

Dad’s Deserve Custody Rights During Divorce

Literature regarding fathers and custody in divorce reveals that the rights of fathers were typically ignored in court decisions. Courts automatically decided that mothers were better caregivers based on traditional gender roles. This belief has changed in recent decades, with courts now viewing the roles of both parents as important in a child’s life. The shift has enabled many fathers to receive more time with their children after divorce. And with the help of an expert father’s rights attorney like those on our team, you too can get the rights you deserve!

Fathers who want joint child custody or generous visitation rights need not fight for this alone. Family law attorneys petition for a father’s custody rights in divorce, preparing solid cases that support their clients. Fathers go into court confident that they are just as good caregivers as mothers are. Their lawyers provide supporting evidence that courts consider carefully before making custody decisions.

Father’s, We Can Get You Custody!

When mothers hold firm to beliefs that they should receive sole custody of children, fathers should not give up. With help from their attorneys, fathers can win custody shared with mothers. This arrangement has become the most popular and though it requires extra effort on the part of both parents, this is justified by the positive effects on the children. It is essential for a child to have both parents in their lives, which is why father’s rights are beginning to increase across America.

A dad’s rights during divorce extend to child support payments that are affordable for non-custodial dads. Lawyers help their male clients prove income and expenses so courts decide on a reasonable amount of child support. This allows fathers to live comfortably while providing for their children financially. Lawyers also help enforce a father’s visitation rights when the male parent is not granted custody, allowing a father to remain in the life of his children.

Fathers who want to learn more about their rights during divorce should contact one of our expert family law attorneys. After receiving an overview of relevant laws, they will be equipped to prepare a case supporting their petition for custody. Fathers who are willing to grant sole custody to the mothers of their children should learn more about a father’s visitation rights and child support requirements from an attorney. Contact us now to connect with a father’s rights lawyer for free!

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4 thoughts on “Dad’s Rights During Divorce”

  1. i’m going through a visitation battle with my kids mother i have always been a good father and i just want to be able to see my kids because i have been there for them since they were born but the other party doesnt wanrt to allow it because of the bitterness and anger she feels about the situation in our relationship so i just need help because my time away from my kids is fustrating and they are suffering everyday and i just want to continue to have a relationship as my kids father

  2. Jonathan Spiegel

    I an divorced from a wife in ARizona with whom I had five children. Now I am remarried and have a newborn baby boy. My two little girls want very much to visit with the new baby but my wife refused to let me have them in my home in Milwaukee. (I would pay airline fees and might even first fly to ARizona to pick them up and take them home with me.) But because my divorce agreement stated that the children could not willingly choose to visit me until they are 13 years old (my girls are 8 and 11), my wife refuses to let them come and visit me and my new baby boy. She is extremely jealous and bitter about my having a child outside of my former marriage to her, so much so that she has convinced my older boys 13, 16, and 18 to tell me they never ever want to see hteir new step-brother. This will hurt the baby very much and will deprive all of them of familial love and caring as they grow up and continue in their lives. What can I do to get my girls to visit me and what, if anything, can I do about the insidious perversion of my sons’ natural tendency to love a brother? I am presently unemployed and have very little resources. Thank you very much for any help you can offer!

    1. Nicholas Baker

      When one parent selfishly denies the other parent visitation time with their child, there is not much choice but to file in court for a petition for visitation to obtain those rights that you deserve. Father’s rights in Arizona are more advanced than many other states – contact one of our Arizona family law attorneys right away and get the father’s rights you deserve!

  3. I need soem help with being abe to see my daughter my ex-wife has hiden the daughter away from me for the last 7years and she refuses to follow the divorce decree and she feels that she is above any law the court puts out because her mom and dad bribe the lawyers i get to believe her and her side of the family and she has also gone behind my back and started talking to my oldest sister and trying to get my sister to convince me to give up my parent rights which i refuse to and i belive she is the contempt of court she has been doing the last 7 years needs to be punished by having her serve jail time till she fully complies with my visitaion rights and try to change anything the judge puts out she has always tried to make the visitation to fit her benefit, with no disapline to get her to comply to the ruling completely she has a brother that is a police officer and he has gone as far as file trumped up charges to try to hurt me and make me look like a bad guy and yet he is still working as a police officer and he should be repamanded for his part of filing false charges and if i do get a lawyer to fight for my rights i feel He/She will take the bribe from my ex-enlaws and then not represent me fairly !!!!!!!!

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