A father’s rights are often overlooked during divorce proceedings. Many fathers are not aware of their rights and unless they retain an experienced father’s rights lawyer, they may find themselves receiving much less than they deserve in terms of custody or paying much more child support than they should. Fathers should learn about their rights and having a legal professional on their side makes this much easier to do.

There are different types of child custody and each has their benefits and drawbacks. Lawyers enforce the father’s equal custody rights whenever possible, enabling fathers to get sole or joint legal or physical custody of children. Physical custody involves the right to have the child reside with the parent and legal custody is the legal authority to make decisions regarding the upbringing, health, and education of the child.

The method for getting child custody varies because decisions may be reached out of court through a parenting or custody agreement or through a court proceeding involving a family court judge. A lawyer can represent a father in each of these situations, ensuring the most favorable outcome. Equipped with knowledge of custody law, a lawyer is able to ensure that fathers child support rights are considered during the decision-making process.

Custody decisions are different when the parents are unmarried. Most state statutes require that sole physical custody be awarded to the mother unless the father takes action. This makes it even more important for fathers to find an attorney qualified to secure them some type of custody and visitation rights. It an agreement cannot be reached out of court, having an attorney present will make court proceedings less stressful.

Child support is another major issue handled by a father’s rights lawyer. Fathers who are unaware of their rights may find themselves with unaffordable child support payments. An attorney will ensure that child support calculations are within the scope of the law and are not unreasonable. Fathers will be able to provide for their children without going broke in the process.

A father’s rights attorney is the best person a father can have on his side when fighting for custody or having to pay child support. This legal expert will look out for client interest when preparing for mediation or court or drafting a parenting agreement. Fathers are more likely to be granted the desired level of involvement in the lives of their children, making the future a bright one.

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2 thoughts on “Can A Lawyer Help Me Fight For My Father’s Rights?”

  1. I have a son who does not listen to me. He has a baby that is 6 years old now and I have been tell him to go down and file for child support. But he doesn’t listen. His baby’s mama always tells him that she would never put him on child support. But being a mother myself I don’t believe that. Right now my son has been helping her as much as he can. But I believe that somewhere down the line she will get him for child support. They are not married but they are suppose to be co-parenting. But the funny thing is that the baby’s mama thinks that she is still in a relationship with my son. He doesn’t want to be with her and he has made that clear to her but she feels that they are in a relationship because they are co-parenting together. My son doesn’t make a lot of money and she doesn’t want to really work, she wants him to pay everything while she sits back and does what she wants to do. But the funny thing is that she working right now but she stays sick to make him think that she really needs his help. I really need to get some information from someone and there is more to it then just this. Please can someone tell me what to do to make sure that he doesn’t get stiff with taking care of her and not his son for the rest of his life,

    Thank You Geri

    1. Family Law Advice

      Your son needs to keep accurate records of exactly what he buys for the child and every check or money order he gives her – NEVER GIVE CASH!!! The courts will treat a cash payment as though it never happened. It would be a good idea to set something up, by agreement, in court so that she cannot come back for back child support. there is nothing wrong with them working out an agreement in court for him to pay a small amount of money, like $100/month and then he can continue to do additional things as well, but this will guarantee that he will not owe back support. And if she is on public aid and not getting support through court order, eventually the State will sue him to recover the money they paid her, and they will bury him to get their money back – nothing’s free! Speak to one of our father’s rights attorneys right away!

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