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Traditionally, fathers were not viewed as caretakers for children. In the 20th century, they were defined by their roles as providers. However, the influence of father’s on children is paramount to raising a healthy and well-adjusted child. Father’s rights are increasing, but still do not come close to equal to those of a mother when it comes to child custody in divorce. Research studies called paternal influence insignificant and the term “parent” typically equaled mother. By the 1970s, this changed, with new studies supporting the impact that fathers had on lives of children. Today, popular and scholarly writings reflect the belief that fathers are important to the well-being of their children. Father’s rights attorneys advocate for the rights of father’s (and provide free consultations) in the divorce process because they understand the connection between a father and a child’s success.

The Influence of Father’s on Children in Divorce

According to one research study, children whose fathers are involved from birth have a greater tendency to be emotionally secure, confident, and socially adept. Another study reveals that fathers play a role in reducing behavior problems in male children and psychological problems in female children. Regular positive contact enhances cognitive skills including reasoning, intelligence, and language development in children.

These and others studies have lead researchers to press policymakers to ensure that father’s rights are enforced. They want fathers to have a chance to be active in the upbringing of children. Studies spanning two decades reveal that children benefit positively from regular and active engagement with father figures. These benefits extend over the long-term, with women having a greater sense of physical and mental well-being and better relationships with their partners. These recent studies have shown that the influence of father’s on children during divorce can have a positive impact on their adjustment to living with separated parents.

The Influence of Father’s on Children is Huge

Researchers note that public policy can either create a barrier or facilitate fathers spending time with children. They are building a body of evidence to illustrate that laws and policies that promote father’s rights positively contribute to society by creating children that are well-adjusted and less likely to engage in antisocial behavior or crime. Everything from talking, to participating in shared activities, to playing an active role in daily childcare can have positive results. Children who are economically or socially disadvantaged can especially benefit from having an engaged father. This is a main concern of those involved in the father’s rights movement, to help create a positive impact on their children’s lives.

Father’s rights lawyers are already on board with this type of thinking. This type of lawyer advocates for fathers who want to remain involved in the lives of their children following divorce. While a father’s equal custody rights were not traditionally promoted, laws have changed and this attorney promotes the right of fathers to care for their children. Attorneys that understand that important influence of father’s on children during a separation period are better able to fight for the best interests of the children, which is exactly why a father needs a strong advocate for his family.

Fathers Are Important – Especially During Divorce

The role of a father in a child’s life is invaluable, and this is especially true during a divorce. While the mother historically may have played a more hands-on role in a child’s day-to-day life, the father’s influence and involvement is just as important (and in many cases, more important).

During a divorce, a child will likely feel confused, angry, and scared. The child may blame themselves for the ending of the marital relationship, and he or she might struggle to adjust to the changes in the family dynamic during the divorce. During a difficult time, like a divorce, a father can provide comfort, support, and stability for his child.

How Can Dad’s Help a Child During Divorce?

One of the most important things a father can do for their child during a divorce is to maintain a strong and consistent presence in the child’s life. This means spending quality time with the child. Making sure that the child knows they are loved and valued always needs to on the top of the list. A father listen to their child’s concerns and offer emotional support – divorce is tough on everyone (especially kids).

In addition to providing emotional support, a father can also help their child to adjust to the everyday changes that will take place after a divorce is complete. For instance: a father can help their child to understand the new custody arrangements, and to make sure that the child knows what to expect in terms of when they will see each parent. Some of the rules and the parenting schedule should be explained, but it should never be explained in a manner that makes the other parent sound bad – bad talking the other parent is never acceptable (even if it might be true). A father can also help their child to adjust to any changes in their current living situation, such as moving to a new house.

Build a Positive Influence

The influence of father’s on children when it comes to the relationship with the other parent is important. Obviously, no bad talking the other parent. But judges also want to see dads actively encourage (and not discourage) a healthy relationship with the other parent. Judges think this is an essential factor when it comes time to order custody and parenting time. Another important role for a father during a divorce is to help their child to maintain a positive relationship with the other parent. This may be difficult, especially if the parents are not on good terms, but it is important for the child’s well-being.

Stability is Key

One of the most important factors that go into a child custody decision is stability for the child. A father needs to provide their child with a sense of stability during a divorce. A dad can help his child maintain some sense of normalcy, and to ensure that the child engages in his/her regular activities.

Next Steps

Many fathers are proud of the role they play as caregivers and they are increasingly fighting to retain this relationship following a divorce. With help from a father’s rights lawyer, male parents are winning joint or partial custody. These fathers remain positive influences in the lives of their children, helping the youngsters to experience bright futures. Knowing that father’s have a positive impact on their children’s lives should empower you to seek the help your family deserves, and it is possible to do so with a free consultation!

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