Think back to your childhood. If your father was present during these years, you probably have many happy memories of time spent together. If he was not, you may realize the huge gap where he should have been. Every day, family courts deal with the issue of a father’s rights in terms of caring for a child. The courts are given the unenviable responsibility of determining how active a father will be in the future of his child. Save your money or get help from friends and family and hire a father’s rights attorney–its the number one way to fight for your family!

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If you doubt the impact a father has on the well-being of a child, talk to a psychologist, sociologist, or caseworker with child protective services. According to Dr. David Popenoe, a noted sociologist, “Involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is likely to bring.” Fathers directly affect the academic achievement, intellectual functioning, and verbal skills of their children. Children with involved fathers tend to be more emotionally secure and develop better social connections.

Unfortunately, many fathers are unaware of their rights or feel that they stand no chance of receiving the amount of custody they believe they deserve. A father’s rights lawyer can increase the chance of a positive outcome in a custody hearing. This professional will explain the dad’s rights and develop and present a case designed to get the father the desired amount of custody.

Fathers can also do things to increase their chances of receiving custody. In fact, the father is the most important determinant of the outcome of his custody case. Fathers must stay involved and be loving throughout the life of the child. This positions them as qualified candidates for custody. If the mother is not as good as a parent, a skilled attorney can incorporate this fact into the case.

If both divorcing spouses are excellent parents and each wants custody, a father’s rights lawyer may recommend using a Guardian ad Litem. This individual will speak with people who can attest to the benefits the child received from having a father who was involved and nurturing. A family court will take this information seriously when determining whether to grant full or partial custody to the father.

Mothers may not always make things easy for fathers during a divorce. Fathers should not let this prevent them from spending time with their children, assisting with things like homework, and participating in activities, sports, and educational outings. When it comes time to determine custody, being a good father will work in their favor. Working with a father’s rights advocate is your number one chance of gaining custody of your children. Don’t wait any longer, get started immediately and protect your rights!

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9 thoughts on “The Importance of a Father in a Childs Life”

  1. My case is unusual in 1980 I took the girl down to the DHS and signed the papers set up the hearing and I was ordered to have 8 dollars a week taken out of my 57 dollar pay check I was making 2 dollars an hour and In Feb. 1981 the F.O.C took my income tax return and said I was behind on child support they want 35 not 8 no matter what the court order says that was impossible I told them to put a warrant out for my arrest and we will see what the judge says. In 1991 before the child 12th birthday I talked to lawyers to try to fix it they said I was crazy you try to contact the mother or the child you will be in jail for domestic abuse. They is dormant let it go and move on. the statue of limitations was up on July 18 2007. On Dec.1 2011 judge Muriel Hughes signs an order for me to pay 750 dollars a month until 66 thousand dollars is paid. A month after I got my face book page Ken Pinoniemi my son contacted me and said he has been trying to find ne all his life. I don’t have the words for the RAGE I feel.

  2. My situation is different. I dont want custody and my daughter will be better off with her mom. Why you ask? Well I was married and still am and the childs mother was married at time and still is married. What can i do?

  3. I am seeking help for my son. His daughter has a good time when she is with her daddy, but when she goes back to her mother’s she is very mean to him. They just went through a very long custody battle (second one) both filed by my son. they were never married, teen pregnancy, and because he did not want to be married she has punished him with this child. My son is not without issues, the one causing him the most difficulty is alcohol and marijuana abuse. He has done neither in the presence of his daughter. He agreed to every two week testing for nine months since 4/14 and has tested clean. The child’s mother has children by three different men marrying the third who is now twenty one. Real problems began when they first married and she began having the kids call her new husband dad. He immediately began physically disciplining my son’s daughter. Slapping her in the mouth made my son furious, he reported them to DFS. At six years old she was bathing their three month old son while her mother cooked super. The report was filed after she refused to acknowledge his concerns. There is so much more, she teaches her to lie to my son. And it is disturbing how easily she lies and sometimes seems to believes it herself. My son is so worried, depressed, hurt, and I believe on the verge of giving up.
    Not because he wants to but because he sees no hope. He just spent thousands of dollars and the court system does not hold Tosha responsible for anything. Attorneys don’t want to upset opposing attorneys. We will never use another home town attorney. Like I said it is way to much to cram in a comment. My son has fought nine years to spend time with his daughter always paid child support, helps with anything he can, and now has to deal with her mother manipulating her into believing she does not want to spend time with her dad. The court knows it, said so in judges and counselor statements. CAN AND WILL YOU HELP MY SON?

  4. I pay my child support and do everything thats asked of me but my ex wife wont even let me talk to my 11 yr. old little girl i havent talk to her in years what can i do?

    1. Regardless of whether you are keeping up with your child support obligations, your ex cannot decide to not let you see your child. You should speak to an attorney that offers a free consultation and see how you can get help. The process would be to file a Petition for Temporary and Permanent Visitation and have the judge set a schedule that works for you so that you can see your daughter on a regular basis. the order should also explicitly state that you should be allowed to have telephone visitation on a daily basis as well and that your ex cannot deny you these minimum rights. Time is of the essence though, the longer you are not around your daughter, the less likely a court will be to grant you overnight visitation periods, so act quickly.

  5. La Creatia Jones

    i need to find the papper work becouse the dad is whounting to give up hes rights so i am asling haw do i do this and not have to pay a arm and a leg for it

    1. Contact us and we can help provide you with the information you need. Going to the courthouse where the initial orders were entered is step one. You will then have to follow their procedures for ordering the file out of storage. Once you receive it, paying the court clerks for a “certified copy” is important to do. Next, filing the appropriate motion in court. Most states do not allow a parent to “give up their rights”. However, if the other parent is willing to sign off on an adoption, that may be an option for your situation. Contact us and give us some more details now.

  6. I am a father that has been denied rights from my kids mother. Who is the best fatehr’s rights lawyer? Or, how do I get my father’s rights? I need my kids back.

    1. Get your father’s rights here by filling out the form and connecting with someone that will fight for your rights! Fathers are important in a child’s life and visitation interference is a crime in some states. Contact a father’s rights attorney now!

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