When child custody decisions are made, fathers are traditionally overlooked. The typical situation involves designating the mother as custodial parent and requiring the father to pay child support. However, a father’s equal custody rights are becoming more prominent in court decisions. Fathers are no longer viewed as the only breadwinners. They are increasingly being seen as adults who can care for and raise children as well as mothers can. Father’s rights attorneys get custody for fathers every day!

Father’s As Custodial Parents

A court will designate a father as the custodial parent when this arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Situations may include those where the mother has a substance abuse problem or is employed in a high-profile job that keeps her away from home for long periods. Rather than leaving the child in the care of a babysitter, the father assumes the primary caregiver role. This helps to establish your father’s rights in the eyes of the world.

In some cases, a mother may voluntarily agree to the situation and in others, the father must retain a father’s rights lawyer and take the case to court. In an unconventional situation like this, emotions can run high, so having legal representation is recommended. The attorney will explain the father’s rights and prepare a case explaining that the father would be the better caregiver for the child.

If the father is named the custodial parent and the mother earns much more money, the father may be entitled to child support. Fathers child support rights are not covered in most readily-available information regarding custody. An attorney is a good information resource and after explaining all the intricacies, the lawyer can help the father petition for child support from the mother. A case prepared by a lawyer is almost always more iron-clad than one prepared by the father by himself. Father’s rights are new in the eyes of the law, and having a father’s rights attorney that can advocate for you is essential–you only get one chance at this.

If the child is old enough and the custody case goes to court, a judge may question the youth about who he or she would prefer to live with in the future. The child is expected to answer honestly and if the father has provided the most love, care, and support, the answer should be in his favor. The judge will weigh this response in the custody decision.

When they split with the mothers of their children, fathers should not assume that the youngsters will live with their mother. If a father feels qualified to be a primary caregiver, he should state this. If the parents cannot agree to a custody arrangement on their own, the father should retain a father’s rights lawyer and fight for primary custody. Fight for your father’s rights!

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