Father's Visitation Rights During DivorceA father’s visitation rights during a divorce should not be withheld because the other parent wants to use the children as a weapon. During a divorce, spouses typically think only of themselves. If the family unit includes children, this can cause long-term damage – especially when a father’s visitation rights are denied. Parents who are divorcing must think about their children first. Scheduling child visitation during the divorce process is one of the most important decisions that parents can make. Children should be permitted to spend time with their mothers and fathers during this difficult time. A dad that is going through a divorce and believes he is not getting the parenting time that he deserves should speak with a father’s rights attorney here.

It Is Not Okay to Deny Father’s Visitation Rights

A father’s visitation rights have traditionally been overlooked during child visitation and custody cases. Under the law of every state in the Union, each biological parent has equal rights to visitation and childcare. These rights extend to the period when the couple is going through a divorce. A father should determine how much time he can spend with his children in the future and retain a father’s rights attorney to help him fight for visitation rights.

A father stands the greatest chance of being granted visitation when he has been a consistent figure in the life of his children. If he moved out of the home months before the divorce was legally filed and has not visited with his children since then, he will have a difficult time proving that he is entitled to much visitation. Father’s right movements around the world, and especially in the U.S., have helped dad’s get more visitation rights than ever before. Courts give the parent-child bond heavy weight when making visitation decisions.

Develop Ideas for a Parenting Plan in Advance

Parents should work out the details of the visitation agreement before finalizing their divorce. It is complicated to change a visitation schedule so making alternate arrangements in advance is the best approach. Dad’s that want o spend more time with their children should explore options for weekday visits, summer vacation periods, and other holidays. Father’s should consult with a family law attorney before agreeing to any proposed visitation schedule, because once a schedule is signed and entered in court, judges do not look kindly on people walking in claiming they did not understand the situation. An experienced father’s rights lawyer will review the proposal to ensure that the full extent of the father’s visitation rights have been taken into account.

Some men who call themselves “fathers” are actually not biological parents. If the male is the only father that the children know, the judge will consider this when making the visitation decision. If there is a question of paternity, the male should pursue paternity testing. If this is not an issue, the male must prove that his presence will be beneficial to the lives of the children. With help from a family law attorney, the male can build a strong case.

Father’s rights during the divorce process should always include child visitation arrangements. Failure to determine visitation during divorce can affect the wellbeing of the children and take an emotional toll on the parents. Family law attorneys regularly deal with a father’s visitation in divorce proceedings, helping to preserve the family unit. Getting the father’s rights help and advice you deserve is easy – speak with a fathers rights lawyer here!

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