Father's Custody Rights in DivorceFather’s custody rights in divorce are changing and dad’s have the ability to win custody of their children. Despite longstanding belief, fathers can win custody of their children during a divorce. Though custody laws were once not favorable to fathers, they now reflect a more even distribution of rights between male and female parents. Courts are recognizing the importance of fathers in the lives of their children and often award fathers partial custody when parents divorce. Father’s custody rights during the divorce process can be won if you have the right help from an expert father’s rights attorney.

Win Your Father’s Custody Rights In Divorce

Traditionally, society believed that mothers were the better caregivers and should receive custody. The tender years doctrine reflected this, stating that because young children needed the care and love of their mothers, female parents should receive custody. As attitudes regarding gender roles began shifting, courts began basing decisions upon what was best for the child.

Courts now review several factors and determine what arrangement will best serve the overall well-being of each child. Granting custody to the mother is no longer an automatic decision. In some cases, a mother will receive custody while in others courts will grant custody to the father. The court order, sometimes called a visitation schedule or parenting plan, details the responsibilities and rights of each parent and should be adhered to by both parties.

Father’s Custody Rights are as Important as a Mothers

A father’s custody rights in divorce are now just as important as a mother’s rights and should be enforced. If a father receives custody and the mother interferes with this, the father should document the violations and contact a child custody attorney. If a pattern of violation can be proven, a father’s rights lawyer can help the dad get the court to enforce the order. In some states, repeatedly violating a custody order can be reason enough to make changes to the child custody arrangement.

If a custody arrangement must be changed voluntarily to meet the needs of the parents or children, parents can work this out themselves but should have the court approve the revised agreement. An attorney can help with this process, which may also involve changes to child support calculations. A father’s rights to child support are important to consider if the mother earns more money or the father has primary custody of the children.

Since a father’s custody rights in divorce are equal to those of a mother, fathers should ensure that they are not slighted when it comes to time with their children. By retaining a child custody lawyer, a father ensures that his parenting skills are portrayed in a favorable light. Fathers should enforce their rights to help raise their children. You can win the father’s custody rights that you deserve during your divorce – act now and fight for your family by getting a free consultation!

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