Child SupportWhen parents divorce, their children may be their biggest worry. Fathers in particular may be concerned that they might not see their children as often. Those who fight for and win custody may wonder about a father’s rights to child support. The law allows custodial fathers to receive child support but many fathers find it difficult to get this without a fight.

Though gender roles have changed drastically in recent decades, some judges still cling to the days when mothers were considered the best caregivers. Even if a court awards custody to the father of a child, a judge may have a difficult time granting child support to the male parent, even though the law provides for it. This means that fathers must know their legal rights and petition to have them enforced.

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Having someone on your side can be helpful in this situation. Some attorneys specialize in family law, so they are well-versed in a father’s rights to child support. These family law lawyers help custodial fathers make a case for child support payments from the mothers of their children. Courts hear these cases and base their decisions on the facts and evidence provided. Therefore, having father’s rights attorney representation can increase the chance of a favorable outcome.

Some fathers do not realize that they have rights regarding child support. State law dictates how child support is determined but it does not override a custodial father’s rights to this award. Fathers who receive custody of their children should discuss their situations with a family law attorney licensed in their state. This is the easiest way for them to find out how much child support they may be entitled to on a temporary or permanent basis.

In most cases, child support payments end when the child is no longer a minor. However, some children require indefinite financial support due to physical or mental disabilities. Custodial fathers may have trouble making ends meet while providing the support that these children require. They should not overlook money to which they may be entitled.

When it comes to fathers, child support in divorce is not an automatic consideration. This makes it even more important to have an attorney who will focus on the issue. Fathers can spend their time preparing for the children to move in rather than squabbling over money. By letting their family law lawyers do what they do best, many custodial fathers are able to make smooth transitions from marriage to divorce.

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