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When couples with children divorce, the one parent is usually granted some visitation rights (parenting time) or custody but must pay the other parent some amount of child support. A family court judge makes a decision based on the welfare of the children but also considers the rights of the mother and father when determining visitation and parenting time. Child support is calculated slightly differently by each state and many times is based on the amount of parenting time each parent has with the kids. Parents asking for “help with my child support” need look no further than a local divorce attorney to have the questions they have answered. Only an experienced child support attorney, as found on this site (get a free consultation here!), can provide you with the information you need fast!

Help With My Child Support (how does it work?)

Child support across the 50-states differs slightly from state to state. Most states now follow some type of calculation that takes into account the umber of overnights or amount of parenting time each parent has with the children. Knowing how each state calculates support is the first step to getting help with my child support. The main “Child Support Models” that are used are the following:

  • Income Shares Model:
    • This is the most common and is used in over 40-states right now.
  • Percentage of Income Model:
    • The percentage varies depending on the state, but it is only used, now, in 6-states.
  • The Melson Formula:
    • Extremely complicated, but similar to the Income Shares Model. Used in only 3-states.

Help With My Child Support: Income Shares Model

The income shares model (used in over 40-states) essentially works like this: both parents’ income is put into 1-bucket and that total amount is what is used to determine how much money is needed (according to the state’s formula) to raise a child or children. Then, the amount of parenting time each parent has gets factored in (in some states, this means ‘overnights’ only). From that, the parent that has less overnights pays support to the other parents. The court does NOT factor I or care if the support amount makes it difficult for the paying parent topay his/her own bills – that is the paying parents problem. However, even in situations where parenting time might be equal (50/50), one parent might still pay some amount of child support to the other parent, although the formula takes this into account and it is usually relatively small.

Help With My Child Support: Percentage of Income

Many states have abandoned this formula in recent years, and it looks like more will abandon it further in the coming years. The percentage of income formula essentially takes a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income and that parent pays that percentage of their income to the other parent. The non-custodial parent would be the parent that has less parenting time than the other parent. This formula does NOT take into account whether the non-custodial parent can pay his/her bills after paying support.

Help With My Child Support: Melson Formula

The Melson Formula is similar to the Income Shares Model, but it takes into account how much money a paying parent needs to support himself or herself. This formula is only used in Delaware, Hawaii, and Montana.

Basics of Child Support

Parents who are granted primary custody are often eligible to receive child support payments from the other parent. This support covers costs for basic needs, medical care, childcare, educational expenses, transportation and travel, entertainment, and extracurricular activities. But there is no obligation on the receiving parent to prove what the child support was used for – there is no forced accounting of the paid funds. Once an agreement or order is put in place, a parent may be able to raise or lower child support due to situations like changes in income.

A child support lawyer can make the child support implementation and adjustment processes much easier on the parents. This legal professional will explain child support rights to the client and answer questions regarding which situations qualify for child support modifications. Attorneys can also help a custodial parent recoup back child support that has not been paid by the other parent. They can even advise when departing from child support guidelines is recommended.

Child Support is Complicated Get a Lawyer!

Issues regarding child support can be complicated for both parents. An attorney with experience in this area of the law can make things easier to understand by explaining the rules, regulations, and steps involved with enforcing or complying with child support orders and making or receiving child support payments. An attorney will also ensure that child support rights are adhered to, safeguarding the rights of children to benefits and education in a public institution. Hire an attorney. Be one of the happy people that exclaims, “I got help wit my child support” and move forward the right way.

Attorneys assess child support cases and file documents, clarify terms of child support orders, calculate anticipated child support payments, and collect and enforce these payments. They enter relevant negotiations on behalf of their clients and protect interests of clients during court proceedings. The cost of hiring an attorney is often worth it because it saves the client time and effort and streamlines the child support process.

Next Steps

If you are a divorcing parent, (or unmarried parent), consulting with a child support lawyer for a free consultation is easy. Stop asking “how can I get help with my child support” and get the help and advice you need. Your financial future depends on you getting child support handled the right way.

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  1. I took my case to DCSE and they, in turn, took the case to court which has resulted in court-ordered child support payments from the father of my four children to be paid monthly to me. However, he is intentionally underemployed and not paying the support. I am not sure when the DCSE will take action as the father is now $4000 dollars in the arrears and believes he need only send a minimum of $20 every two weeks to fly under the radar so that further action is not taken out against him to enforce the support order. This may seem like a silly question, but is there some truth to this? How do I pursue the support payments owed to my children? As a single parent, it is downright tough to raise multiple children on one income, but especially tough when the person that helped you bring the children into the world refuses to help support them. Do I need an attorney or do I wait and trust that DCSE will take further action when they deem it necessary?

    1. Nicholas Baker

      Every state is different, but ordinarily, the department of children and family services only handles matters dealing witht he safety of the children. This would include orders of protection, safety plans during or after an investigation into abuse or neglect, and other parenting issues.
      Child support should ordinarily be brought under a separate filing (a Petition for Child Support) or, in some states, through contacting the States Attorney office.
      Your best bet is to contact an attorney and have them handle both the child support issue AND put a detailed parenting plan in place.

  2. I’m looking for an attorney that will help me on a child support case that My daughter father had me on since December 2015 and case was close this year in 2020 after showing proof that my daughter was in my custody and I had apply for public assistance did they finally closed the case. Now here is my problem my daughter has been living with me full time since April of 2017. I have told my case worker mutiple times that my daughter was living fulltime with me but since her dad never closed the case nor reported it to his case worker and still remained collecting government assistance for my daughter. Now I’m in debt with them by 14, 000. I need my case modified and I don’t trust myself to go through the processes alone and I feel more secure if I were to have help by my side.

  3. My brother is getting divorced, and we are looking for advice about how to help him through the process. I loved that you mentioned a child support lawyer will help you to understand the process and make it a lot easier for you. I will let him know about your recommendations to choose the right child support lawyer.

  4. Rodrigo molina

    I have a daughter with my ex we dated couple years we never were married I was paying child support to the agency then we recently agreed on dropping it and I would just pay her directly so I’ve been doing so for a couple of months now I recieve a call from the child support division saying she reopened the case I’m shocked because we get along we agreed on everything so me and her went to child support after that phone because she was saying she applied for cash aid and also she signed up for school so we went in there they told me that my daughter was not on the cash aid of her case just food stamps but she has another son with someone else and he is on the cash aid so they are telling me that I’m responsible because the mom needs help so it’s my responsibility to cover both kids I’m confused angry they said it’s a new law I need to know if I should get a lawyer because now they have opened up the case and want my income expense forms filled out again they say the only way the case can be closed is if she closes her case with welfare she says she will but idk I havent heard anything

  5. It’s good that you point out that a family lawyer can help you figure out how the laws regarding child support apply to you during a divorce. I’m getting a divorce from my wife soon, and I’m considering hiring a family lawyer to help me with the child support aspect. I’m going to look for a good family lawyer in my area to hire.

    1. Excellent decision. These types of matters rarely turn out well without an advocate that can approach things methodically and without emotion so that the correct facts can be properly shown to the court through evidence and testimony.
      Best of luck, and remember, our team is here to help!

  6. I’m glad that an attorney can make things easier to understand because the law can be pretty complicated. My brother is getting a divorce, and I want it to be as easy on him as possible. I’ll give him this article to read so he can understand child support better.

    1. Even the most amicable of divorces aren’t easy – emotionally or otherwise. It always pays to have an experienced advocate looking out for your best interests and the best interests of your family. That is what we aim for with our team and with the information we provide to people.
      Best of luck to your brother, let us know how we can help with any questions or give us a call.

  7. My sister wanted to hire a lawyer to seek child support from the father. It’s a great thing that you elaborated on the lawyer’s responsibilities, such as assessing child support cases, clarifying terms of child support, and calculating anticipated child support payments. I hope we’ll be able to find a lawyer that’ll help her out with this case.

  8. Victoria Addo -Donkor

    Please l will like to contact your office on behalf of my husband. He had a child with a lady seventeen years ago, over $400 is being deducted from his check weekly while he has four children with me. What can we do?


      Hello im seeking information for my Son hes been paying child support in California when my granddaughter was ten yrs old mother decided to move to las vegas,nv. Without proper permission then my son was told he had to pay both states for child support my granddaughter will be 21 in September and has been living with me since 2017. my son is still paying child support and its all the interest charges is there any way 34,000.00 of interest can be adjusted or stopped?

      1. It is likely that he did not have 2 separate cases (1 in each state), but rather, the initial filing (California) kept the case and Nevada did what is known as “interstate child support enforcement.”
        He should find out how much total he owed and how much total he paid so that he can see if the correct amount is actually owed still, being the $34k.
        If there were actually 2-separate cases, it should be a matter of one of the cases cancelling out and that will require some work to make it happen – and a lot of proof of payments.
        He should order what is called an “Accounting” or “Account Adjustment Review” so that he can see all payments made and all amounts that were due. It will also show him when each payment was or wasn’t made.
        You then put all these payments into a spreadsheet along with all the payments that were owed in the column next to it to verify that the math was done correctly and what they claim he paid (or didn’t pay) is actually correct.
        First step will be to verify if there are actually 2-cases, the next step is to get the accounting’s ordered from the state child support offices. This is not an easy task, and probably requires the help of an expert child support attorney to assist. Best of luck, contact us and we can get you on the right path.

  9. It’s good to know that a lawyer can help make child support implementation and adjustment a smoother process for the parents. My brother and his wife are getting divorced, and they want to make sure that the process is as easy as possible. I’ll pass this information along to them so that they can look into their options for lawyers that can help them with this.


    I filed for a divorce and had custody of my 17yr old with child support. I would only get a check if my ex worked, so he fell behind. When divorce court came, his lawyer didnt tell my lawyer until that morning. I was unaware so judge signed whatever orders she had…one being that he was forgiven of all past due child support.
    fast forward 8 months, my son has decided to live with him since he has no chores, no responsibility AND promised a new truck. I got served with paperwork for child support and to pay his atty fees…HELP!!

  11. Domonique Hubbard

    Hello I’m wondering if there’s a chance my child support order can be lowered. When it was first established I had 0 percent custody with children and the custodial parent was not working. I now get my kids 30 percent of time. Every weekend and now she is working where she wasn’t when the order was established. My income has increased but not by much. Any help would be well appreciated!

  12. Your article caught my attention when you said that when couples with children divorce, the father is usually granted some visitation rights or custody but must pay the mother child support. One of my neighbors is getting divorced and he has 3 kids with his wife. Thanks for helping me understand how a family attorney can help him ease this legal process.

  13. Brooklyn Johnson

    I like how you mentioned that a lawyer for child support can make the child support implementation and adjustment processes much easier on the parents. My husband and I are getting a divorce, and I want to make sure things with our daughter get handled right. I will definitely keep your great tips in mind when considering if I want to hire a lawyer to help figure out child support for my daughter.

  14. My brother lives in the state of Pa. Him and his girlfriend broke up and the child support payments were based off him only having his son every other weekend, They then had a modification hearing and then custody was agreed to a 5/2/5 split so they both have their son 50% of the time but his child support payments have remained the same. His lawyer told him she filed a for a modification but we have come to learn she never filed the paper work. Can he file the paper work himself or does a lawyer have to file it?

    1. While it is possible to file the paperwork on his own, the formula for calculating the child support modification is not the easiest thing to do in Pennsylvania. Here is our basic primer/state page for Pennsylvania which can provide a little more detail, but is by no means comprehensive. Pennsylvania Family Law The best advice would be to either get this same attorney to handle it, or, if you no longer trust her/him, contact us and one of our affiliated pros in his city can contact him and get things done the right way. Good luck!

  15. My boyfriend has been struggling with child support since his divorce. He has a brain cyst and his doctors will not allow him to work. He has no income, the courts are still telling him he needs to pay child support for his kids. He isn’t able to make payments because he has no income and is unable to work. They are basing his child support off of his salary from 2012 and that he is able to drive truck. I don’t see how this is possible. He also is unable to pay for a lawyer for the support hearing and they are telling him that because he is the father and the one that has to pay support he is not entitled to a free lawyer. Is all of this true? Is there anything he is able to do?

  16. I am getting ready to go to court for an enforcement hearing because my child’s father is 15K behind in child support. My son is 15 months and his father has only seen him once, a month after he was born. I filed child support through the Health and Human Services Dept. a month after my son was born. He quit his jobs right after they entered the default judgement since he did not show up to the child support hearing after being served. Back in June he attempted to hire a lawyer and file a motion to modify, but after his lawyer discovered that he had been lying to him about his current work situation by not revealing to him that he had underemployed himself intentionally, he advised him to agree to keep the child support the same in addition to paying my attorney fees. My attorney actually discovered that they miscalculated the child support and he could have been ordered to pay more, but I also agreed to keep it the same. My attorney subpoenaed both of his employer’s HR records and discovered that he had no just cause to leave his previous jobs. The records state that he just stopped coming to work, so they had to terminate him. My attorney provided me with the record, so I have that in my possession. The entire time that we dated he was employed full-time, making about 60-70K a year. His current child support order is 700/mo plus medical and arrears totals about 900/mo. After being served with the enforcement notice he made one payment of $100, previous to that he has not paid anything. He was also ordered to pay my lawyer fees, which reached $5500, he has not paid one penny of it. I paid half of it, but am unable to continue paying, since I am obviously not getting any child support, but I do not want any negative action to be brought against me. I also fear that if I pay the whole thing the lawyer will not have an interest in collecting from him since they will have their money. I called my lawyer’s office only to discover that her secretary was only sending me invoices, but not my child’s father even though he was ordered to pay. Can the lawyer come after me for not paying the rest even though the court order states that my ex is responsible for the cost? It does not say that I have to pay upfront and he reimburse, but it says that he needs to be paying $250 a month until it is paid off. I did not retain my lawyer for the enforcement hearing, because the Office of Attorney General is bringing the action against him. Is it necessary for me to get a lawyer again for the enforcement hearing? Will they review the information from the last court hearing, even though we were both represented by counsel at that time? I really don’t want to have to spend unecessarily and take more money away from my child’s welfare. It seems that all of the facts are already available, but I want to be prepared. Is it possible for him to file a motion to modify again after he already did, retracted it, and agreed to keep the support the same? I have some experience with the court system and feel comfortable articulating my case to the judge, but fear that the judge will not listen to the facts because I am not a lawyer. What is the best way to get the information in front of the judge if the Attorney General refuses to?

  17. My boyfriend has 3 children and pays his child support. When off work due to injury, had arrearages needing pd. At that time was expected to be off longer and asked if there could be an adjustment made to avoid further arrears, was told not until the original order was 2yrs old. He since filed while having to borrow $$ to maintain support order. CSRU has denied his petition stating there hasn’t been the required amount of change in his income. He has a reg job and is a self employed farmer. They say you need prove a 20% change in income since the original order. Being off for 10 1/2 months definitely affected that along with borrowing against the operating note to maintain– it has an cumulative effect over time. What we don’t understand is how or WHY they can use the 3yrs prior (including original order) with his 2yrs following to 5yr average his income and only 2 check stubs for her. CSRU paperwork and guidelines (IA) clearly state 20% change SINCE/FROM original order so his last 2yrs tax forms are all they should base their info on NOT the 3yrs prior when still together. Are we wrong in our thinking just because of the farming even tho it’s included and always has been in income?? How or why a 5yr average?? Not sure how much longer things can continue to be solvent farming wise- when having to borrow you have to pay it back and at some point not able to borrow or pay back–then where does the child support come from??? Confused and could use some input.

  18. I have been dealing with my child support case with my ex for 6 years. for the first two years that he paid support, he paid the minimum of $25/month as he was still in high school. For the next 3 years he worked for his familys business, getting paid under the table, and began only paying $55/month. I then had his support reviewed in 2012, he was then working two jobs with a combined 40 hours. So in October they finally raised his support to $235/month, with arrearages back to March 2012. They based his support on the first jobs earning of $8/hr.. He has since then went full time working 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday at the second job, and still continues to work Monday-Saturday 6am-10pm, and Sunday 6am to sometimes 6pm depending on other available employees. I have talked to the friend of the court and have informed them of his increase in hours and pay, and they said all I could do is petition the court to do another review. The last review took me 6 months to finally get a hearing. My ex lives with his parents, pays absolutely no bills, and his parents also pay for his lawyer. I, on the other hand, have raised my son on my own since he was born in 2006. At one point I was a full-time student at a community college while also working full time. I now have a lot of medical issues that I am dealing with and am unable to work. I currently have a social security advocate that is appealing SSI on my behalf. But I live on my own with my son, in my own apartment (subsidized based on child support as income). On top of my rent, I also have to pay gas, electric, cell phone bill, car insurance, fuel for my car, necessities for our home, and some out of pocket medical expenses. I have always represented myself in court against him and get hosed everytime. I feel as if the judge never wants to listen to anything I have to say. Is there some kind of free help I can get to help me get what I deserve? I am trying my best to raise my son on my own and my ex refuses to help me out with anything because he “pays child support”. And to add on top of it all, when my son is with his dad for visitation, dad is never home. Dad has never been the one to take care of my son and he feeds him a bunch of lies to try and get my son to want to live with him. Someone please help me. I don’t want to lose my little boy.

    1. Family Law Advice

      This is a heartbreaking scenario that far too many parents deal with when it comes to child custody and child support. In many states, in order to show that you should have an increase in child support, there must be a “change in circumstances” that warrants making the change. I know it may be difficult to hire a lawyer, but that is probably your best option. It will cost you some money up front, but only a child support lawyer can give you the help and advice you need, and it will pay off big time over time, even though it will cost you up front. Most child support lawyers will offer payment plans as well, especially if you can pull together some cash up front.
      The reason the judge doesn’t want to listen is simple: the judge has dozens of people without a lawyer that do not know how to navigate difficult laws on their own, and that makes their job much more difficult. Because of this, they often get frustrated. When an attorney is involved, they know that things will go smoother and not waste their time.
      When filing a Petition to Modify Support, it wouldn’t hurt to find a case where lawyers are involved, pull the case file,make copies of their pleadings that are filed, and mimick them to fit your personal situation. This is usually the best way to get things done without having to hire an attorney, but like I said, an attorney is essential to get what you need the quickest and most effective way possible.

  19. I have a 13 year old son that is currently living with his father. I have been paying what he told me to pay monthly for the last 4 years. I was paying a weekly amount until I switched jobs. I now have to pay every two weeks. He and his girlfriend are constantly harassing me about sending child support at their convenience. I can only pay child support when I get my pay check. If it is not on the day they think it should be, I am not allowed to talk to my son and I hear what a horrible person I am for not paying when they say I should. I faithfully pay every two weeks when I get paid. He and his girlfriend continuously are telling me that I do not love my son and have made my son write me a letter telling me how disgusted he is with me. I later found out from my son that he was forced to write that letter and he was not disgusted with me at all. How can I go about getting custody of my son when he lives in another state about 800 miles or so from me? To make matters worse, my husband has had two children while being married to me and one of those children causes my son to be pushed away. We have been seperated for about 11 years but are still legally married. Please give me some advice on what to do

    1. A lot has happened since the initial separation and getting custody at this point is extremely difficult unless your husband has placed your child in danger. Your best plan is to file for divorce and ask for visitation, telephone visitation, etc. File a Petition for Dissolution and then file a Petition for Temporary and Permanent Visitation to begin fighting for your rights.

  20. I have 2 there are 5 and 4 . I went to dhr 3 years ago a filled for child support. We went to court about a mouth later he was set to pay me 356 a mouth. I have got 1 payment we went back last year he had to pay me 1000 dollors . He got a lawer and now he is set to pay me 50 a mouth for two kids and on top of tht he does not pay it. Dhr has never had him put in jail it. He own me over 1200 dollors. We was due in court for the past 3 mouth and his lawer has had it put off . What i dont under stand is his mother and frather had it put off this mouth. Dhr is not helping me and i feel that they are not on my side at all. He also just filed for codody of both my kids he has been in a out of there lifes for the past 4. Went almost 2,years with out call or seeing them .what do i need to do? How would i be able to take the child support away from dhr? Would i loss all the money he owns me?

    1. In some states, organizations like DHR (the Department of Human Resources), also called HFS (Housing and Family Services in some states) can work with parents that need help obtaining child support from the non-custodial parent. However, they do not represent you in these actions and commonly, only will do the minimum for you, protecting minimal rights to your child support. Hiring a private attorney is essential in this case, and especially now that he has filed seeking a change in custody. Get the help you need immediately, but keep in mind, if he has not been around the children and you are a good mother (no arrests, no drugs, etc.), courts are not likely to change the custody situation. but, you need to protect your child custody rights, and you do that by getting family and friends help you hire an attorney–do not risk losing a custody battle by not having an attorney!

  21. In New York. So 6months ago i agreed to a settlement between my ex girlfriend regarding my son. We have joint custody, i made sure to tell my attorney i wanted 50/50 everything. I have him every other week so we split time 50/50 as well. We agreed to send our son to a private school equal distance to our houses with the understanding he would attend same military school I did for middle and high school. I offered to pay tuition as i would have either way because i want best for him and she was fine with any public school. Here’s the thing, at the time my attorney convinced me to pay $60.00 a week on top of that to “sweeten” the deal. Well i make 24.50 and hr and she makes 15.50 an hr. I feel like this extra $250.00 a month and the hassle of support collection agencies are unfair. I have been in my son’s life since he was born and actually spent more time with him before she took me to court at the direction of her insecure new boyfriend. If everything is 50/50 and i pay $5,000 a yr for his school shouldn’t that be enough? We live in comparable houses and if anything she has a much nicer vehicle than me. Thanks fo your time

    1. If this is a true 50/50 split, chances are you may be able to avoid child support or at least a portion of it being that you two equally share parenting time. The problem is whether the Parenting Agreement and Custody Judgment states that she is the custodial or residential parent. If it specifically states that the two of you are jointly the residential parents, this may be your wiggle room. Its true, if you are sharing time with your child 50/50, its is not fair that you should have to pay her money. Contact an attorney and get more specific details answered as it applies to your particular situation. Good luck!


    1. Unfortunately, unless the mother agrees to erase the balance, it may be difficult to get rid of the back child support debt. When you initially lost your good job, you should have filed for a modification of child support so that the amount could have been abated (suspended) or severely lowered to avoid this back child support adding up. I wish there was better news for you, but it is a tough situation. Hire an attorney (for child support, many times they are only about $500-$1000) and see if you can get the mother to agree that the back support owed to her should be erased. However, if she was on public aid, you may owe that money to the state, in which case, you probably have a serious uphill battle. Good luck, don’t give up!

  23. I am currently paying almost 1500/month in child support. My daughter is 6 and my son is 4. My daughter is going to school full time, My son is going half days. I have tried to get my support reduced. Especially since the day care costs are not there like they have been. I have talked to my ex=wife about this and she says too bad for me. I work in Ohio and travel almost 900 miles round trip to see my kids. I was forced here for employment. I am having an extremely hard time providing for myself. When I have my children during the summer months I have to skip payments on bills to bring them here and cover expenses. I have visited the DHS and called several times. I have also filed paperwork for a court date. That was in October of last year. Nothing has been done about it. Please help!!!

    1. You need the help of an attorney for this situation. If you are unable to pay your bills, you may qualify for lowering your child support amount. Also, if a portion of the costs that were factored into your child support was in addition to a percentage to help cover day care, this should come off as it is no longer being paid. Only an attorney can help out this situation, contact one right now.

  24. i have 2 kids 18 and 13. my ex makes 62000k a year. i am 26% disabled i am a 10 month employee i get paid 19.60 a hour but only worked 4hr 33mins a day and i only make 22k a year. when we went to fig out child support she lied and said she only made 41k and then they they told me that i make 19.60 a hour that i have to pay for a 40 hour week. i told them i don’t work 40 hr they told me [get another job].i give her 276 a week i was trying to get 40hr but its hard to at my job. then she got me fired from my summer job. so i did not bringing home 347 every 2 weeks and i cant live i have rent 900 car payments 320 my car and a car she dumped on me 309 a month utilies and insurance i am borrowing off my friends and family i can do this anymore and when i try to get help they tell me i make to much. she lied and is living in low income housing so her rent is like 1000 a month which her mother pays 500 she moved in her bills are low and her mother pays half shes another that makes 57000k a year shes living high on the hog wile i suffer now i am so behind in my bills im about to get kicked out of my house and my car is about to get repo’d im trying to get another job but not to may jobs for someone disabled …i have a court date next week will they fix the support so i can live or am i gonna suffer for the next few years cuz my marriage did not work.and if i do get it fixed will they go back to the date she first filed? if not what can i do.

    1. Depending what state you live in, they can go back to the date the initial petition was filed. Keep in mind, that if you have proof of some of the support that you made for the benefit of your child, the court will likely take that into account and apply it against any back support you may owe. Only an attorney can fight for you here, and going into this type of battle without an attorney is a guaranteed loss. Get the help you need now and you will save thousands in the long run. You should be able to fight this by showing proof that you cannot work more than you currently do. Contact an attorney, and good luck.

  25. My Fiance has been paying child support for his children since he and his wife divorced. He has an attorney, which I feel is not on his side. He was paying alimony when in the divorce papers it stated that if she were to have anyone move into the home, it would cease… he called his attty in July last year notified his atty that she got married in May his atty put it through court in January this year which was his last payment for alimony… However, his oldest son has lived with him for 2 years and he still pays the support, he is now 18 and in college… he contacted his atty and told her, however the support is still being taken out of his check… his youngest son which is 14 moved in with his Grandmother (ex-wifes Mother) in December and He goes shopping for his son and additional expenses, per the Grandmother exwife doesnt give her anything. I dont believe he should be paying the exwife anything and that the exwife owes him back that money… The youngest son wants to live with him… Which I feel would be best… Tell me if his attorney has done him wrong and if so should he seek another atty and try to get back the money he has paid her.

    1. This is a very confusing story, and a few things definitely do not sound right. You are correct, contacting an attorney by filling out the form on this site and speaking with an attorney that will listen to your story and fight for your rights.

  26. I had gotten custody of my two boys about 7 months ago. Their mother has only supervised visitation now. She has had a major increase in pay. I called my local dhs department and asked them to review our case. One person told me that I need to write a statement out saying I want it reviewed and make a copy of my driver’s license and summit it. I did that and took it there and they said sorry sir, we only do it every three years. What can I do about this?

    1. Hire an attorney, There is no easy way to handle these types of cases without filing and getting in front of a hearing officer or a judge. The administrative bodies, such as DHS will not work with people that do not have a court order showing that there has been a legal change in custody. An attorney will be able to prepare the necessary paperwork and will stop the child support from going to her and instead, begin making her pay child support to you. The money you will save by hiring an attorney will pay for itself in a matter of months, do whatever it takes to get the assistance you need, call on family or friends–you will be able to pay them back once you have this matter resolved.

  27. My kids are 3&4 years old and my 4 year old is disabled and have not seen their father in 3 years…. he makes no attempt to see them or call…. he has been on California state disability his whole life and due to the type of disability he has i can not attach his check to receive child support and he moves from place to place so i can not get him served with papers …. now his check comes under the care of his mother she is the one who controls his money….. is it possible to sue her for the child support due to the fact she is the one who handles his money?? if not is there a better way to track him down because he moves so much both from city to city and state to state so i can get him served…. the Nevada child support agency is not very forth coming with information….. what can i do???

    1. There are many important decisions to consider when dealing with a situation as troubling as yours. Obviously, hiring the right attorney where you live is the most important so that your attorney will advocate on your behalf and fight for you. Another thing to consider is hiring a Private Detective to locate him so that he can be served. Hiring them to perform a “skip trace” is often an effective means of locating an individual, and the cost is usually pretty reasonable to do so–ranging from $50-$150. I know, this is still a lot of money, but if it works, it will have been worth every penny, and many places do not charge if they can not locate the individual that they are looking for. Find an attorney in your area and begin the process as soon as possible, time is not on your side, you need help, and this is the best method for getting the help you deserve.

  28. I have 3 kids 16,13 and 12 me and the kids dad had a shared parenting plan since 2000 but in April of 2010 there dad said to me one day can u take the kids for 2 weeks straight so he could get some help with his drinking issue told him no problem. Well its been 2 years and he never got help and walked out of are childrens life. I get no help for anything I do it 100% thats ok for me but not for are kids I think that we need to get some childsupport to help me out with there needs. Never new how hard it was until I was faced with it. My question to anyone that has got help with the Legal aid for my issue if you have can you please give me your out look on it even if its good or bad it would really help me out. Woman or Men that are doing this on your own we will all get threw it just dont give up like I know it has gone threw your head or come out of your mouth do to just being human GOD will always be there for all of us. Thanks

    1. Get an attorney right away. You deserve help and you need to get legal representation to fight for you. Call on friends and family for support, but do it quickly. When one parent doesn’t carry his or her weight in raising the children whether it be assisting in raising the kids or paying the proper support for everyday things that kids need–food or clothing, the parent with the kids is put at a serious disadvantage. Only an attorney can help you fight for your rights.

  29. I have two kids ages 12 and 10 that lives with me they have live with me since Aug 3, 2007 and they still making me pay child support Ive been to my local office several times over the years and nothing has changed the mother has been in prison and was just released recently and went and got foodstamps for the kids knowing they live with me what can I do ??I need help

    1. You need to hire an attorney to handle this for you. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they have problems in the child support area is that they go too far by themselves, without the help of an attorney, and the money they thought they would save, ends up costing them 10-fold in the end. An attorney can and will fix this for you, probably in as little as 1 or 2 court dates! But, if you continue fighting an uphill battle, you may keep getting the same results, paying thousands of dollars over the next year+. Get the help you need, and get started today.

  30. I have 2 kids and the daddy of them took them from my house 2 months ago and they now live with him. he never signed any birth certificate and now he wants me to pay child support to him even though he never paid me a dime for the time they lived with me. and they lived with me there whole lives until now and there 5 and 7 years old. What can I go to get child support help? Do I have to pay child support? Please help thank you.

    1. Yes, it is likely that you will have to begin making child support payments to him now that he has the children. However, you may be able to show that he owes you back child support and you can use that as a potential “set off” of the total amount you have to pay him. What this means is this: yes, you will owe support, but you will possibly have some credits. If course, this depends on what state you live in, so you need to consult with a local attorney by filling out the form on this page to find out what the law are in your particular state. Child support is not easy, you should not do it alone.

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