Child VisitationA visitation agreement specifies the amount of time that each parent will spend with his or her children following a divorce or end of the relationship. A visitation schedule is considered fair when the needs of each parent are met. Many parents go through the process only to receive an outcome that is less than satisfactory. When this happens, they must fight for their child visitation rights.

Fight for Your Child Visitation Rights

When both parents love their children very much, they want to spend as much time as possible with the youngsters. This often leads to disagreements regarding child visitation. Courts in most states award non-custodial parents visitation that equates to approximately 20 percent of the total parenting time, depending on what type of child visitation schedule you receive. This may be reflected in various ways including every other weekend, a weeknight every week, some holidays, and several weeks during summer.

Child Visitation Schedules

The visitation schedule should be consistent so children can follow a routine. However, it should also work for each member of the family. If the non-custodial parent feels that the awarded visitation is not enough, he or she should speak up. If a new schedule cannot be worked out with the other parent, it may be necessary to hire a child visitation lawyer.

A child visitation lawyer will provide a free consultation to all potential clients and often serves the role of intermediary between the client and the other parent. An attorney is needed in many instances because this legal expert fights for the child visitation rights of the parent being represented, while keeping in mind what is best for the children. If discussions between the parents have become heated, the visitation attorney can remove some emotion from the situation. As an objective third party, the lawyer serves as a voice of reason, helping parents to understand that their arguing is hurting both their children and themselves.

When a legal argument must be made to revise a visitation agreement, having legal counsel is helpful. The attorney will make a case for awarding the non-custodial parent with additional visitation time. Presenting a comprehensive argument to the court increases the chance of a favorable outcome for the petitioning parent.

Once a child visitation agreement has been established, both parents are expected to adhere to it. If one parent violates the agreement, the other should bring this to the attention of an attorney. The situation will them be resolved quickly and fairly with minimal negative impact on the children. When life does not go as planned and children must split time with each parent, getting the maximum amount of child visitation possible becomes the top priority. And no one can fight for your visitation rights better than an experienced expert attorney. 

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3 thoughts on “Battling for Child Visitation”

  1. Antonyus Simmons

    Single father trying to get visitation rights with my 7yr.old daughter,and I need an attorney to assist me with my rights.

  2. My husband’s two kids (ages 9 and 7) live across the country in Idaho. Due to time off and expenses, he only gets to see them once a year. Last year was the first time that they were allowed to come for an entire month. By all indications, they had a great time being with him and their cousins, who they never get to see. They smiled and laughed and argued over who got to sit closest to Daddy. When he took them back home, they were really sad to say goodbye. This past year, they were unable to come because my husband started a new job and didn’t have time off and had to pay their mother thousands of dollars in medical/dental bills (did I mention that their step-dad is rich and they live in a mansion with horses?).

    We received notice the other day that their mother is suing him for traumatizing the kids when they were here last year and unless we go through family counseling and a series of supervised visits, he’ll never get to see the kids again. She claims that they weren’t allowed to talk to her when they wanted-not true, they often spoke to her for an hour at a time-and that we spoke badly about her in front of them-also not true, I never heard anyone say anything bad about her. She also has a therapists claiming that the kids have been acting out and have separation anxiety with their mom because of this trip. Since we haven’t seen them since the trip, we don’t know the truth to this statement, but again, they had a great time while they were here, so it’s difficult to believe any issues they may be having is related to the treatment they received while they were here.

    We don’t know how to fight this. So much of what she’s saying is simply not true. My husband loves his kids so much and just wants to be with them. We don’t have the money to go to Idaho to attend the family counseling sessions that they’re recommending. His ex-wife knows that. His ex-wife, on the other hand, has plenty of money for lawyers and therapists. Not only that, but many members in her family are part of the legal system out there, that they probably don’t even have to pay for a lawyer. They also know many of the lawyers and judges who we’d have to defend ourselves against. How can we compete with that? How is it okay that because they have money and connections, there’s a good chance my husband will never get to see his kids again?

    1. Family Law Advice

      these situations are terrible and are too-often set up by an angry mom wanting to punish dad and take away his father’s rights. Call and speak to one of our father’s right lawyers right away. And make sure you state what zip code the case will or is filed in, so you can get the right attorney on the phone since we are a nationwide organization. Get the father’s rights help that you and him deserve, and don’t waste any more time.

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