Avoid a Contested DivorceWhen a couple enters into what is known as an uncontested divorce, it is also known as a divorce by agreement. An uncontested divorce or divorce by agreement is when both parties mutually agree to the dissolution of the marriage. These types of divorces are much more appealing to couples who are ending the marriage, mostly because they are not as emotionally charged or stressful as those who do not agree on ending their marriage. Both parties are able to settle their difference and move on quicker.

The laws that surround divorce are handled at the state level of the legal system and each individual state has its own regulations and procedures for finalizing an uncontested divorce. Couples that have few to no children and no or few assets will generally qualify for a divorce by agreement simply because there are few details that need to be sorted out. In some states, couples who do have children can also apply for a divorce by agreement as long as they both decide to a proper custody arrangement.

In order to begin the uncontested divorce process, one spouse must file for the divorce. Although, in this situation, couples may be on the same page with larger issues, it is always a good idea for both parties to retain their own legal counsel.  Being represented by a qualified divorce attorney can help make the process that much easier from the initial filing through the final divorce decree. Attorneys will help to separate any property the couple may share as well as make sure both sides are being treated fairly.

Help for an uncontested divorce from a qualified attorney can also help to reduce the emotional stress that either party may be feeling. Each lawyer will serve as a messenger for the client and often times the couple will not have to speak to one another throughout the process. Since attorneys are in no way emotionally invested in the couple’s situation, they are able to rationally think about questions that need answered and how to logically proceed with the divorce without emotions getting in the way.

When a couple divorces, even if the relationship is still good and the terms are still amicable, they want to get through the process and move on with their lives as quickly as possible. When choosing an uncontested divorce, there is a limited amount of legal work that will need to be done, which will enable both parties to wrap up the divorce and move on in a shorter amount of time. Divorce is uncomfortable for everyone, but a divorce by agreement can help to end this uncomfortable period sooner.

For those couples who may be ready to end their marriage and agree on all the important issues that come up when separating, researching an uncontested divorce may be the road to choose. This type of divorce will help to minimize the time spent in the courtroom as well as help to reduce the level of emotional stress put on both parties. With qualified legal representation leading the way, a divorce by agreement can be the fastest, least painful option for those parties involved in the divorce.

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