Divorce By AgreementIt is possible to divorce by agreement with the right help! Making the decision to divorce can be difficult on both spouses but there are ways to make it easier.  An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree to end the marriage in an amicable manner in order to avoid fighting over various family law issues issues such as child custody or division of property. Besides saving the parties from unnecessary fighting and heartache, being able to divorce by agreement will save considerable time and money. Though divorcing by agreement may not be an option in some complicated situations, it is usually possible when both spouses agree upon the major issues such as property distribution, spousal support, and child custody.

You Can Divorce By Agreement

An agreed divorce begins when one party files for divorce. The paperwork process is usually streamlined, with the individual filing proposing a settlement regarding property division and child custody at the same time. If the other party agrees to the divorce or does not appear at the hearing, the court can grant the uncontested divorce. If the other party disagrees and files a response to your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the court, the situation becomes a contested divorce.

Divorcing by Agreement Saves Money

The reduction in divorce costs is a major benefit of divorcing by agreement. Though legal representation is still recommended, the process features reduced attorney bills and, in some instances, reduced court charges. Many couples find that this type of divorce moves along more quickly than the contested version does. There are fewer legal negotiations and proceedings, allowing the parties to get on with their lives instead of spending months or years ironing out the details.

It is rare for any divorce to be without conflict but a divorce that is uncontested can reduce the amount of disagreement and limit the fights over custody and property. Fewer exchanges of demands for information and a reduced number of court proceedings provide fewer opportunities for conflict to develop. A divorce without fighting can become a reality, allowing the parties to go their separate ways amicably. An experienced divorce attorney can reduce the potential for conflict by serving as an objective party that minimizes the emotions in relevant transactions.

Unless it is filed under seal, the information included in a divorce proceeding is considered public record. This includes personal allegations, some financial information, and other private matters. When a divorce is uncontested, there is less information filed with the court and thus, less information in the public record.

However, an uncontested divorce is not without its disadvantages. It can make it difficult to iron out complex property distribution, spousal support, or custody decisions, because formal discovery may not take place.  An expert divorce attorney can provide guidance regarding when this arrangement is appropriate and can offer uncontested divorce help. By deciding to get along one last time, you too can divorce by agreement!

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  1. It’s great to learn that an experienced divorce attorney can reduce the potential conflict in a separation. My wife and I are struggling in our marriage and I was wondering how I could make sure the kids are okay through the separation. I’ll be sure to look for an experienced divorce attorney to hire in the area.

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