Divorce With AgreementWe have all heard people claim that they have remained friends after their divorce, but do we really believe this? With many divorces coming about after years of animosity and dozens, if not hundreds, of arguments, is it possible to have an amicable divorce? It may seem like an oddity, but yes, it is possible to have a divorce by agreement resulting in little to no ugly court battles during the process.

Even couples that start out their divorce on good terms can come to blows, figuratively speaking, when the divorce process gets under way. It is very easy for emotions to run high and actually prevent a divorce from proceeding smoothly. Then, one of the spouses decides that record collection is a make or break item in the settlement. Communication and the ability to compromise will play a key role in ensuring a divorce is handled smoothly.

One way that many couples solve these issues is to involve a third party, such as a family law attorney specializing in divorce or a mediator. These individuals are knowledgeable about the specifics of divorce law and can provide positive feedback about your “demands” of the settlement. Their recommendations can go a long way in ensuring the divorce is an amicable one.

Both parties must understand that a divorce by agreement is better for both sides. Doing this significantly lowers legal fees as well as being better emotionally for both spouses. An experienced attorney can walk you through the process of property settlement and recommend options.

By putting together a list of the most important possessions, your divorce lawyer can then sit down with your spouse’s attorney, with no emotions involved, and attempt to work out a divorce agreement. At the very least, they should be able to narrow down the items that are of interest to both spouses and then discuss a compromise with their clients. Handling property division in this manner will keep negative feelings out of the process and enable it to proceed much more quickly.

We recommend sitting down with your attorney prior to any discussion taking place with your spouse. You and your attorney can discuss your strategy and prioritize issues that will need to be agreed upon before the divorce can be finalized. Try not to let one issued bleed into the other, or you will risk the ability to come to an agreement and an amicable divorce.

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