Agreed DivorceWhen a couple agrees to divorce, they can save time and money by filing for an uncontested divorce. While a contested divorce involves a lengthy and often expensive court process, the court procedures are streamlined during an uncontested divorce. If both spouses know their divorce rights and agree on major issues like property distribution and support arrangements, an uncontested divorce may be the best approach, and hiring an uncontested divorce attorney to make sure problems are avoided is essential.

Uncontested Divorce Saves Heartache and Money!

An agreed divorce is considered uncontested when the couple is on the same page regarding all major issues including child custody, division of property, and spousal support. One side files for a divorce and child custody and property information is filed with the statement declaring the reason for divorcing. As long as the other spouse agrees to the divorce or does not take active steps to dispute it, a court may grant it.

Cost savings is the main benefit of uncontested divorce. Even though a divorce lawyer is recommended, legal fees are typically significantly lower than with a contested divorce. If the fight is avoided, an attorney does not have to bill hours of work–this is where you and your wife save thousands of dollars each! When a divorce is uncontested, it will usually be granted more quickly because there are fewer proceedings and less legal wrangling. The couple will be divorced and able to move on quickly. The uncontested divorce process typically presents fewer chances for conflict, making the situation less stressful for both parties. This is why a divorce attorney is recommended–they will prepare things fast while the two parties are still in agreement and avoid the little fights that turn an easy divorce into a nightmare.

Most divorce proceedings are public records but since an uncontested divorce requires fewer details to be filed with the courts, there is less information for public release. The couple can minimize the amount of personal, financial, and additional private information that goes public. In a world where information is so easily accessible, this represents a welcome exception.

An agreed divorce is not the best solution for everyone, however. Couples with children or those who disagree regarding spousal support or distribution of property may determine that a contested divorce is a better choice. They should seek expert divorce help before making a decision because the wrong choice can have serious financial and childrearing implications. Depending on the state of residence, an uncontested divorce may not be available to a married couple with children.

A divorce lawyer can help a couple sort out all the details of a divorce to determine whether the spouses agree on property, support, and childcare issues. If there are no disputes, an uncontested divorce may be the most convenient solution. An uncontested divorce attorney will make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

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  1. We do not have children or property. My Husband’s family have money and I don’t. I feel that they will take it to far. There is so so many circumstances that I need this.
    I’ve been bullied throughout this marriage.

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