Divorce and agree are not terms usually used in the same sentence. Ask any couple that has been through a contested divorce and they will tell you horror stories. However, there are cases when, at least for the most part, the couple realizes things are over and it is time to move on. If the couple can come to an overall agreement, they can have an Agreed or Uncontested Divorce.

UNcontested DivorceThe terminology here can be a bit misleading, so please realize that not every issue needs to be agreed upon by the couple when filing for an agreed divorce. Naturally, there will be some items where the court or a mediator will be needed for a final decision. This just means that neither member of the marriage is arguing against the actual divorce proceedings.

One of the major benefits of having an uncontested divorce is the financial savings. While some points are negotiated, it is unlikely you will have a long, drawn out legal battle. This means less attorney hours and less money coming out of your pocket. However, because this is a lawsuit, something many people actually forget or simply do not realize, you are still best served to have a divorce attorney in your corner.

A secondary benefit is that the case is generally over very quickly and without much fanfare. A long divorce trial can lead to both partners airing their dirty laundry in public. And, if either of them happens to be a celebrity, the entire world will know every aspect of the case. An agreed divorce allows you to keep things more private and out of the public eye.

For the issues that still reside, the couple will have about two months to work out the details before the judge signs off on the divorce. You may decide to try to work this out on your own, let your divorce attorneys come to an agreement, or hire a mediator to help you come to terms before the proceedings are finalized.

If you need help or are unsure as to how to proceed, consult with an experienced divorce attorney to see what your next step should be. In addition, if your spouse has retained an attorney, it is prudent for you to do the same to ensure your legal rights are protected. Remember, hiring a divorce attorney does not mean you are turning an uncontested divorce into a legal battle; it just means you are smart enough to protect your rights until the agreement has been signed by the judge.

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