Divorce Without FightingIt’s not easy to do, but it is possible to divorce without fighting if you follow some important guidelines. When a marriage ends in divorce, there are usually bitter feelings on one or both sides. Spouses become emotional, increasing the chances of an altercation. Fighting does nothing but release bad feelings. In the end, nothing productive comes from this. Rather than engaging in a drawn-out battle of words, a couple should aim to divorce without fighting. This makes the situation easier for all involved. An experienced uncontested divorce attorney can help you divorce without fighting by working through the issues involved in ending your marriage in a healthy and productive way. Speaking with a local family law attorney by clicking here is your first step to moving on and moving forward.

An Agreed Divorce Without Fighting is Possible

It is usually easier to separate amicably in a divorce by agreement because both parties support ending the marriage. With help from their family law attorneys, they can work together to divide property and other assets. This approach speeds up the divorce process, allowing the parties to get on with their lives more quickly. Though almost every divorce involves some complexities, handling things in this manner makes everything much easier. An uncontested divorce is one where there is hurt feelings and possibly resentment, but where both parties work together one last time so that the end of the marriage does not need to be a long drawn out, ugly, expensive process. One important way to find out what issues need to be discussed is by knowing what debts exist that need to be equitably divided. Getting your free credit report and score is the best way to see all debts that need to be divided between the two of you  – filling out our form to the right will allow you, should you choose to do so, to sign up for your free credit score and report.

Don’t Let Your Uncontested Divorce Get Derailed!

If one party does not agree to the divorce, the situation has the possibility of escalating. This is where cooler heads need to prevail – be the “bigger person”, and and agree to compromise, or the whole thing has the potential of falling apart. However, amicable divorce help from an experienced attorney can diffuse emotions before they erupt, enabling even a disagreeable spouse to engage in relatively civil conversations regarding property distribution and spousal support. The attorneys serve as intermediaries during discussions that would be difficult for the spouses to engage in directly – so use them the right way, it will help streamline the process!

Entering the situation hoping to divorce without fighting can make the process more pleasant, especially on children. In situations like these, mind over matter comes into play. Couples need to weigh whether it is really worth squabbling over certain assets – sometimes it is best to compromise. Their attorneys help them see the bigger picture and encourage compromises that allow each party to emerge a winner. When all is said and done, both spouses get a bit of what they wanted, and that, in the end, is usually a sign that things were fair.

Attorneys Can Help Divorces Turn Into Uncontested Matters

When uncontested divorce proceedings seem to be headed in a bad direction, experienced attorneys begin taking more active roles in the conversations. They may request that all discussions go through them, allowing the legal professionals to work together to come to resolutions. Many spouses are very willing to accept this approach because they would like to avoid the stress involved. They pay their attorneys for their expertise and this is one way to cash in on it.

A divorce without fighting usually requires seeing the other spouse’s point of view and being willing to make some compromises. No one wants to be left with emotional scars from a battle of words. It is much healthier to let the attorneys work their magic and keep emotional conversations to a minimum. Eventually, the marriage will become a distant memory and it may even be a happy one. filling out the form on the side of this page or making a phone call to a local attorney (found right here) is usually the first and best step to a divorce without fighting. don’t waste time and money fighting in court, get the uncontested divorce help and advice you deserve and end your marriage amicably so you can move on in a positive manner.

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    1. An agreed divorce can be achieved in some states in as little as 2-weeks if both parties are on board with signing all the docs and how property is divided and any arrangements regarding the children.
      Depending on your state, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or a Complaint for Divorce would be filed along with additional documents such as an Appearance (the other spouse), and other papers.
      Once filed, a court date could be set (in most states), and a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage and Marital Settlement Agreement (this is your ‘divorce decree’) is signed by both spouses and presented to the judge for entry by the Court.
      Some states require at least one person to appear in court (or even via Zoom/video appearance in front of the court) to testify to a few basic things within the Judgment (such as date of marriage, names and ages of all parties, and some bullet points for the agreement to divide or keep certain property).
      Our team of experienced divorce attorneys can help – give us a call and we will get you in touch with someone local to speak to right now!

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