Father's Rights in DivorceFather’s rights in divorce are no easy thing to accomplish – but it is possible with the right family law help. Fathers who get divorced are often unaware of their rights regarding child custody. Many assume that the mothers of their children will automatically receive custody and as the male parents, they will need to pay child support. In reality, fathers can win custody of their children and may also be entitled to child support. By exercising their rights, fathers can maintain strong relationships with their children. Learning about your father’s rights in divorce with a free consultation is the first step to getting your family back.

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A father’s rights in divorce include the right to petition for custody of his children. Child custody laws are complex and vary by state so the easiest approach is to hire a family rights attorney. This lawyer will gather the documentation required to petition for custody of the children and, if the father earns less than the mother, child support. The divorcing couple may work out custody arrangements themselves, through a mediator or their attorneys, or through the court system.

Having legal representation ensures that the petition includes everything needed to make well-informed custody and child support decisions. If a father petitions for sole custody, he must prove that he is the better caregiver. This can be extremely difficult to do without professional guidance. Most judges do not readily grant sole custody to either parent because they believe that children benefit most when parents share in caregiving.

Fathers must be on their best behavior when petitioning for custody. Attacking their former spouses verbally or in writing will only work against them in custody cases. Fathers should concentrate on proving that they are better parents and ensure that their words and actions support this. They should hope for the most favorable outcome while still supporting visitation for the mothers of their children.

Though a father’s custody rights in divorce are established, there is no guarantee that a male or female parent will win sole custody. It is common for a court to grant joint physical custody to both parents. Fathers should not view this as a negative thing because this decision is made according to the best interests of the children. With joint custody, fathers and mothers share responsibility for childcare.

When parents receive joint custody, they should create a parenting schedule. Assistance from a family law attorney can make this task easier. This is just one of the many services that family law attorneys provide in addition to father’s rights help during custody cases. Legal representation prevents fathers from being taken advantage of before, during, and after child custody decisions. Contact one of our expert father’s rights attorneys right away!

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