Father's Visitation Rights During DivorceA father should realize the important role he plays in the life of his child. This becomes even more important when fathers find themselves in the difficult position of fighting for custody of their children. Father’s rights to parent are just as important as the rights of mothers and even more important than they have been in the past, due to the increasing complexity of our society.

A father is essential to the healthy development of a child. Fathers make unique parenting contributions that mothers cannot replicate, as hard as they may try. Fathers help shape the view their children have of the world and they influence how their children behave as adults. Dad’s rights to parent should never be questioned, especially by moms. Fathers should fight to maintain relationships with their children even after they split from a child’s mother.

Fathers help children develop self-confidence. They encourage their children to go further and higher, helping the youngsters to improve themselves. Balancing this risk-taking approach is the protective and nurturing behavior exhibited by mothers. Both are necessary for healthy child development. Risk helps build confidence and independence and consideration of consequences keeps children safe.

Mothers and fathers communicate differently with children. Most fathers do not modify their speech to the level of a child. This encourages the child to develop the linguistic skills and vocabulary necessary to communicate with the male parent, skills that contribute to success within an academic environment. Fathers also discipline their children differently, emphasizing, rules, fairness, and justice. Their stern and systematic approach teaches children the consequences of behavior, right or wrong.

When it comes to preparing children for the realities of the adult world, fathers are invaluable. They help children understand the consequences of attitudes and behaviors. Fathers tell children like it is, informing them that good grades in school are necessary to obtain a respectable job or get into a decent college. Fathers help ready their children for a world that can sometimes be harsh.

The ultimate truth is that men and women are different in many ways. Children tend to be more secure and familiar with men in general when their fathers are involved in their lives. These youngsters are emotionally comfortable and understand and express appropriate behaviors. Father’s equal custody rights should not be questioned when the father is attempting to maintain a healthy relationship with his child during the formative years.

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  1. I really need some advice when it’s coming to my child & step child that i have had practically partial custody on my step child, their mother just said that shes going to take me to court if i take the girls out of school tomorrow. the judge decided that it was in the best interest for my step daughter to continue to see me in which she comes when my other daughter comes. I have my step daughter and provide for her emotionally, physically 51/49

    please me and my girlfriend really need someone to help send us in the right direction

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