Divorcing Dads Have Rights!Divorcing dads should not feel as though they have no rights to their children or that their rights are second to the mothers. Male parents tend to give up during divorce because they do not understand the law. They are not aware of a father’s rights in divorce, so they believe that they cannot win child custody or receive child support. They are wrong and a good family law attorney will help them understand this. In addition, a father’s rights lawyer will help a dad fight to maintain his relationship with his children. divorcing dads should not have to be denied their parental rights simply because they have ended a romantic relationship – speak to one of our father’s rights attorneys for the free consultation you deserve!

Divorcing Dads Have Rights to Their Children!

Even if a dad cannot get along with his former spouse, he typically wants to remain an active parent. In fact, more male parents are fighting for primary custody of their children. If they win and their exes make more money than they do, they may be entitled to child support payments. This financial assistance helps dads provide comfortable lifestyles for their children.

Family laws in most states dictate that a mother’s and a father’s rights are equal. Therefore, a family court judge should not automatically favor one parent over the other. The judge is obligated to review multiple factors to determine a custody arrangement that would be in the best interests of the child. As part of this investigation, a father may be asked about his work schedule, personal habits, and how he plans to care for his children.

Father’s Can Win Custody of their Children!

Fathers involved in the lives of their children during the marriage have a greater chance of winning some form of custody. Legal custody entitles them to make decisions regarding the education, activities, and religion of their children. Physical custody enables them to have the children reside with them a portion of the time. If mothers receive primary custody, fathers may still fight for regular visitation with their children.

Many fathers are so wrapped up in their jobs or other activities that they never consider how this could affect relationships with their children. This surfaces during divorce when these men can provide few examples of how they would be the best caregivers. Dads who are involved in the lives of their children over the years are able to provide many examples of this, helping them build a strong case for custody.

If a father’s custody rights seem confusing or you have no knowledge of them, consult a family law attorney to get up to speed. A lawyer will explain everything in detail and provide an honest opinion about whether custody is a possibility or a long shot. Do not sacrifice the ability to remain active in the lives of your children due to ignorance of the law. Divorcing dads that work with a trained father’s rights attorney can and do win custody of their kids – let us connect you to a professional right away for free!

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