Dad's Have the Same Rights as Mom'sYes, dad’s have the same rights as mom’s in a divorce! We hear so much about moms receiving primary custody of their children after a divorce, leading many people to assume that a mother’s and a father’s rights to custody differ. Under current laws, they actually have the same rights and fathers can win custody if they prepare solid cases. Father’s rights are growing fast in every single state across America. Fathers who want to play active roles in child rearing should fight for this. Expert father’s rights attorneys know how to get dads custody of their kids. Our specialized team of  father’s rights lawyers provide free consultations!

We Win Dad’s the Custody Rights they Deserve!

In the past, courts followed the tender years doctrine, which advocated giving custody to the mother because the child required the love and care of the female parent. Perspectives about gender roles have since shifted and the law now recognizes the important role of fathers in  raising a child. Courts now follow a gender-neutral standard of what is in the best interests of the child.

The court reviews the relevant factors and bases its decision on what will be best for the overall well-being of the child. In some cases, they decide in favor of the mother but this decision is no longer a “given.” In many cases, fathers are awarded joint custody, sharing child rearing duties with mothers. This allows children to grow up under the influence of both parents, which many psychologists say is the healthiest approach. Dad’s have the same rights as mom’s during divorce, because they are as capable as raising a child as any mother is!

Dad’s Have the Same Rights as Mom’s – Fight for Them!

The court order regarding custody is sometimes called the visitation schedule or parenting plan. This document establishes the rights and responsibilities of the parents. The adults must work out a mutually agreeable visitation schedule, taking into account factors like who has access to medical and school records and who can provide transportation to and attend extracurricular and school activities. If changes must be made to the visitation schedule, parents should try to work this out themselves instead of heading straight to court.

Fathers who receive custody may also be required to pay child support. The unstable economy has made it difficult for some fathers to afford child support payments. If the father experiences a significant decrease in income or uncontrollable increase in expenses or the income of the mother has increased significantly, it may be possible to reduce the child support payment. Laws vary by state but a family law attorney can help with this issue.

Attorneys also prepare cases regarding a father’s rights to child support. With more females reaching high-level positions in the workforce, some mothers earn more than fathers do. Fathers who receive joint or sole custody should not be too proud to request child support that will help them maintain a comfortable standard of living for their children. Our father’s rights experts are here to fight to make sure you know that dad’s have the same rights as a mom during the divorce process. Speak to a father’s rights lawyer today!

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