When they want to know their child support rights or learn more about stage legislation regarding child support, many parents turn to the Internet, which is a good place to get a free attorney evaluation! ย The Web offers a wealth of child custody and support information at federal, state, and local levels. However, Web resources should not immediately be trusted, particularly when it comes to financial matters. One highly recommended website for parents throughout the country is called Child Support Collections.

This website has a repository of information and answers to frequently asked questions. Parents can find links to state child support collection agencies and official resources like the Child Support Enforcement Council. They can also learn about non-profit child support organizations such as the National Child Support Enforcement Association.

Parents who are trying to recoup back child support will find the enforcement information helpful. Those who need help collecting past-due support should then contact a lawyer for child support. Working with state child support enforcement offices can be a long and complex process. The knowledge and assistance provided by an experienced attorney can make this uncomfortable and often frustrating situation much easier to handle.

Each state has different child support collection laws and rules. Parents can find their state on the State Support Laws page of the Child Support Collections website. This helps them learn about how support is determined, how long it lasts, and whether unpaid support can be recovered through wage garnishment. Information about federal child support collections law is also covered on this page. Included is a very shocking statistic: more than $30 billion in child support goes uncollected each year, leaving ten to 15 million U.S. families without the support they deserve.

When reading through the information on this site, parents may encounter a term they do not understand. If they simply click over to the Terms and Definitions page, they will find the term defined. Frequently asked questions and answers address the issues that most custodial parents have on their minds. The site even includes a link to a support calculator so custodial parents can determine how much they are owed including interest.

The Web offers a wealth of information and the Child Support Collections website is a reputable resource. Custodial parents will find information about child support rights, how to recoup back child support, and the process for requesting an increase in support. Once they have educated themselves, they should contact a lawyer for child support and get started on the process.

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  1. Hello my name is gerardo bernal, And my issue is that the child support the court ordered to pay isn’t going to the grandmother that has my kids and she told me she hasn’t received a dime all the back child support that i paid off where is the money going if not to her is what i want to know, so please if you can help i would deeply appreciate it thank you for time

  2. My question is do my children have rights. My husband pays child support on his first child with an ex. They have recently requested to change the amount up $30 a week to make it over $80 a week. We also have 3 kids we are supporting to. Do my kids not have a right to this money to. If they raise it my kids are the ones going to suffer. We are not rich we scrape by but this amount may push us over the edge. We are on food stamps and our kids are on state insurance. We have not complained about paying and still do it even thou he has not seen the child in almost 3-4 years.

    1. familylawrights

      He should be able to have reasonable and normal visitation. You should file in court to request a set visitation schedule with this child. As far as support is concerned, it is a difficult situation. But think about it like this, what is truly sufficient to support a child (room and board, food, medicine, clothing, extracurricular activities, school supplies, etc.). Do you believe that less this costs less than just $240/month? I understand the difficulty of the money situation in your home, but realistically, this is close to this minimum that most judges will award for child support because it is a small amount of money. I wish we had better news for you. Good luck, I hope things work out.

      1. To this reply, we are in a similar situation where we have children together and she is taking him back to court for more money. He was already paying over the amount ordered all through child support, because he paid over he had a credit and now no longer owes anymore child support (child graduates next May). She is only taking him back because her bar money stopped coming in. Can nothing else be taken into account…. especially when we KNOW it isn’t going toward the child in the first place. He just wants to be done dealing with this woman. The only reason his daughter even lives there anymore is because she is so close to graduating and her mom is too angry to try and leave. ๐Ÿ™

  3. Non custodial parent is requesting a loan modification with the dept of child support. When order was put into place judge gave him a 10% off the ordered amount because he said he would fly to pick our son up and fly him back. It has been 3 years and he has not traveled to get him yet. My question is should I be filing with the court to get my order modified because he did not abide by it and request judge to retro me the discount he has been getting due to he has spent no parenting time with the child? Does Department of child support take the discount into consideration if they modify child support amount?

    1. Tough call. Generally, a modification of child support is reserved for a “substantial change in circumstances”. It looks to me like him not paying for travel for visitation may qualify as a substantial change. Got to court and file for a modification of child support and ask that the judge modify the order without the “discount” rate.


    1. familylawrights

      Contact us for a free consultation. There are many resources and we are happy to provide them to you!

    1. A good child support attorney will explain to you that a Petition to Modify Child Support will need to be filed as the first step. The next step will be to request discovery to find out whether your ex is making more money. This will include pay stubs, tax returns, and any other necessary document showing the income level.

  5. More of a Question….I am only issued to pay the back arrears and i am only $301.24 from that goal and now that the child support is ending the father is texting me saying he is taking me back to court to get the child support back up and running. we both live in different counties and not either of us have our daughter. can he take me back to court when all the support is done????????????????????? Thank you,
    Stuck With This

    1. If neither of you has physical custody of your daughter, neither one of you is supposed to be getting child support (with the exception of the arrearages). If he files a petition in court for child support, you will need to respond properly so that you can show that someone else has custody of your daughter. It’s probably a good idea to speak with an attorney.

  6. My daughter just turned 17 and moved out. I dont know if shes coming back home. Am i still entiled to child support until shes 18 if she isnt living with me?

    1. No, Child support is money that is specifically to help raise your child. If your child is no longer living with you, you do not get money for yourself.

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