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While states establish child custody laws individually, many states have revised their laws to create a similar outcome whether you are a mother or a father. In the past, state laws typically considered the mother of the child to be preferred caregiver–but father’s rights advocates nationwide are fighting to change this state-by-state. The trend is now toward making the best interests of the child the top consideration in custody decisions. As a result, father’s rights are expanding, providing these men with a better chance of receiving custody. Father’s rights attorneys will fight for your interests in court and get you the custody and/or visitation result you deserve–get a free father’s rights consultation right here!

Father’s Rights Should Be Equal to a Mother

South Carolina is one state undergoing this change. The traditional child custody law in the state, called the Tender Years Doctrine, granted custody preference to the mother of a young child. This law has been repealed and the new law requires family court judges to decide custody that will be in the best interests of the child. South Carolina custody law still contains some unique aspects including the mention of religion as a factor when considering the best interests of the child.

Unwed parents are now the only exception to the new South Carolina custody law, though an unwed father may contest an award of primary custody to the unwed mother. If this happens, the standard of the best interests of the child is used to make the custody decision. Lifestyles and income of the parents and preference of the child are common factors considered when determining best interest.

Any state that uses the best interests of the child as the basis for custody decisions faces the possibility of custody modifications. Changes in life situations and circumstances can alter the custody arrangement deemed to be in the best interests of a child. For example, a job loss, illness, or out-of-state move of one parent may be cause to modify a child custody order. To solidify their cases, fathers requesting modification of child custody arrangements should retain attorneys. Father’s rights are beginning to take hold, but having a proven advocate fighting for you is the best thing to have in your corner.

A father’s rights lawyer can also help a dad receive the most favorable initial custody decision. The best interest of the child is a subjective measurement. To address this, an attorney will develop a case illustrating that the father will be an excellent caregiver. The outcome should be a custody decision favorable for the child and both parents.

Father’s equal custody rights are becoming reality in many states but the situation is still far from perfect. Basing the decision on the best interests of the child leaves much room for interpretation. Fathers best exercise their rights through representation from a father’s rights lawyer who can help them maintain relationships with their children. Speaking to an expert father’s rights attorney for a free consultation is your first step to getting your rights! Fight for your children, get the father’s rights you deserve!

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