Can Men Win Custody of Children

A father’s rights to child custody should never be taken for granted. After all, it was only a few decades ago that men stood little chance of being awarded custody. Things have changed drastically since that time and many fathers are now enjoying joint or even full custody of their children. Fathers who are going through divorce should learn about their rights and fight for what they deserve.

In the past, courts automatically considered the mother of a child the better caregiver. They placed heavy weight on the bond between mother and child, claiming that it could not be replicated by the father. Research has proven that what really matters is a stable, loving environment, regardless of which parent provides it. This has caused courts to reevaluate their initial position.

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The truth is that a mother’s and father’s custody rights in divorce are equal. Fathers who can provide for their children are just as entitled to do this. Many fathers wish to remain at least partial caregivers following divorce. Rather than simply turn their children over to the female parents, they look for ways to secure some level of custody.

Fighting for custody on their own can be an uphill battle for fathers. If a father does not know what the court considers when making a custody decision, he may not prepare a strong case. Fathers are usually much better off if they retain family law attorneys to help them fight for custody. These lawyers know how to prepare and present cases that illustrate the caregiving abilities of male parents. Many fathers have experienced what a good family law attorney can do.

Whether a father wants to receive primary custody, where he is the main caregiver, or joint custody, where he shares childrearing with the mother, an attorney can help. Fathers should discuss what type of custody they want and explain why they believe they are entitled to it. Their attorneys will determine whether a strong case exists and the best way to present it.

Fathers should never feel like they should throw in the towel when it comes to their custody rights. Fathers can win custody if they truly are good caregivers. With the help of Family Law Rights attorney, thousands of men have been able to help raise their children. Courts now understand that the father-child relationship is critical to the well-being of the youngster, making them more receptive to granting custody to fathers.

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  1. the mother of my unborn child left me three weeks ago. 4 day before I was supposed to move into her house she told me that she no longer want me to move in. I want left homeless because I had already given 60 day notice at the place I was living. A few days later she sent me a text message saying “i am done”. I tried everything to make her change her mind because I want to raise a family and grow with my child. for three weeks I tried to convince her to change her mind and then last Tuesday I received a email from a lawyer saying that I can not contact my mother of my unborn child and that she is willing to go to mediation. I already have a 9 year old daughter, I did not get to raise her either. I would like some advise on what I should do next.

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