fathers can win custody in divorceRemember when it was just assumed that a woman would win custody of the children during a divorce? Today, that has all changed and fathers can win custody of the children if they can prove they are a fit parent. Expect the mother to come into the proceedings armed and ready for a fight, though, so you need to be just as ready.

If you want to win custody, you may want to take the opportunity prior to any proceeding to address this issue with your spouse. She may surprise you and be perfectly willing to give up full time custody of the children as long you as you can work out an acceptable visitation schedule. I know, it sounds farfetched, but it is worth an attempt.

The two of you may want to actually sit down with the kids to see which parent the children would prefer to live with after the divorce. The one challenge with this course of action is that one parent is probably going to have his or her feelings hurt and may come out with guns blazing if he or she does not hear the expected answer.

Once it becomes clear that she is not going to give up custody easily, you will need to build your case showing that you are the better parent. This all starts with the father’s visitation rights during the divorce period. Make sure you never miss your time with the children as well as making sure the time you spend with them is quality time.

Yes, we realize you are a busy person, but when you are with the children, you really need to use this time to bond with them. If it means cutting down your work schedule, then so be it, because it will not get any easier if you are actually awarded custody.

In many cases, you will need to document instances of improper parenting or what can be deemed neglect. For instance, if the mother has custody of the children during the divorce but a sitter is watching the children for most of the day and night, it can be used against her in court, especially if you can prove that you have redone your schedule so you will be home more often for the children.

This is but one example of the type of information you need to document in order to win custody of the children. One thing is for sure, though, you will need an experienced divorce attorney to help you win your case, because you know she will have one defending her right to keep her children.

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