Who gets the children during divorce?Worried about who keeps the children during divorce? Don’t be – our team of divorce attorneys and child custody experts will get you what you deserve! When parents divorce, their belongs and themselves typically take back seats to their children. Divorce is a major upheaval for the family unit and parents must decide who will care for minor children until they reach adulthood. Talking to children about the divorce before it happens can make the process easier for them to handle. In the meantime, parents must work out a custody arrangement. Family law attorneys work this process out by drafting a Parenting Agreement that lays out the custody, visitation and holiday schedule that each party gets to share with the children. Most divorce lawyers (all of them here) provide free consultations to discuss your divorce and custody issues!

We Win You Custody of Your Children During Divorce!

In the best-case scenario, parents agree on child custody during divorce and finalize the arrangement without going to court. A counselor, mediator, or lawyer may help parents work out visitation schedules and the amount of child support. The final arrangement should always be put in writing and presented to a court for approval. A family law lawyer is an expert at doing this, freeing parents to deal with other details. It is possible, with the right help, to win custody of your children during divorce!

When parents cannot agree, they should head to court. If both parents want to win custody during divorce but one does not agree that the other should have it, each should have a divorce attorney prepare a solid case for joint custody. These days, courts are more willing to award joint physical custody of children during divorce, allowing children to split time between their parents.

Winning Sole Custody of Children During Divorce!

It can be more difficult to win sole custody in divorce because the petitioning parent must prove that the other parent is an unfit caregiver. Sole custody is typically only awarded when one parent is abusive, neglectful, or has a substance issue. The other parent must prove this, making the services of a lawyer almost essential. A substantial amount of evidence is required to sway the court in this direction.

Parents who find themselves in a custody battle in divorce must be very careful. Whatever they say or do could affect their ability to receive custody. Courts do not look favorably upon parents who insult each other or one parent turning children against the other. No matter how difficult the divorce becomes, there is no excuse for behaving immaturely. Children pick up on this and it may cause them to become problems at home or school.

Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody in divorce, an attorney can provide assistance. Turn to this legal professional for child custody help throughout the process. Having legal representation from the start reduces the chance of making a mistake that could jeopardize custody. The most important factor is what is best for the children so do not lose sight of this. Don’t forget that you can win custody of your children during divorce, but speaking with an expert divorce attorney is your first step!

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  1. yes.me and my baby momma have a8 month old son on june 28 she had me arrested for family violance thinking i would not get out of jail but i did 30 days later sence then she does not want me to see my son . so i had her served with papers saying we need to work it out she want call me or nothing when she can sent my sister video s of the baby .she hides the baby from me witch the papers she was served said she could nt do thatbut she does it anyway .she does not talk to me i told my sister to tell her to call me about the baby that was a week ago still havent heard anything from her when she still sends my sister videos of the baby and i live with my sister and she knows this now c.p.s. is involed and they set my visitation at 4 hours on friday only i know thats not right so please i need your help i love my son and i would like to spend more time with him before he s a teenager and i dont have much money but i do lots of jobs maybe i could work it off .please and thank u. willie armstrong.

    1. Willie, give us a call and let the local expert we connect you with know that you will work out a regular payment arrangement to bring in payments on a weekly basis. Most of our network assistants are happy to do so. Depending on what you served her with via the sheriff, you still probably need to go to court and get a court order signed by a judge. Normally, just serving someone with an initial petition dealing with paternity is only the first step. You now need to establish paternity legally and request specific visitation right with your child. Only a judge can order that and it is the first step to getting the father’s rights that you deserve! Read this post, it will help with some more of the specifics: Establishing Paternity – Getting Father’s Rights!

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