Children Gone OvernightBeing awarded primary custody of the children typically seems like a victory. However, when children are visiting their non-custodial parent it can feel like a defeat. Many non-custodial parents are granted child visitation and this may take the form of overnight stays during the weekends, every other week, or even for extended periods during certain holidays. Custodial parents must prepare themselves to handle these times without children because life can become very lonely.

Rather than pining away for the children and calling them every hour, custodial parents should take this time to focus on their own lives. Enjoying an evening with friends, taking up a hobby, and working on home improvement projects are a few ways to pass the time. When the children return home, they will encounter a parent who seems happy and refreshed not lonely and depressed.

Custodial parents should never infringe on the visitation rights granted to their non-custodial counterparts. This will only anger the other parent and could put the children in an uncomfortable position. Primary caregivers should send their children off to non-custodial parents hoping that the youngsters will have a nice time during their visit.

Parents may not be the only ones struggling with overnight child visitation. Children, especially young ones, may have difficulty leaving their primary caregivers to spend time with their other parents. Both adults should explain the importance of this time and reassure their children that no one is abandoning them. By reducing the fear involved in this new arrangement, parents make it easier for children to adjust. Soon, kids will look forward to visiting with their non-custodial parents and may even begin planning excursions and other adventures for this time.

Non-custodial parents have a lot to deal with when it comes to being without their children. Child visitation periods do not seem to come often enough, causing these parents to miss their youngsters. Joining a support group may help ease some of the pain and finding other activities to fill the time can speed the time between visitation periods.

Even if they feel extremely lonely, parents should never violate their visitation agreements because this can result in legal issues. If personal circumstances change, a child visitation lawyer can submit a request to legally alter the visitation agreement. Parents should proceed cautiously because any change will require an adjustment period for both the adults and children, causing potential setbacks in the parent-child relationship.

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