Bills regarding family law are proposed during state legislative sessions each year. National changes are not as frequent, though some have occurred in recent years. Changes to divorce rules/laws also occur on a regular basis. With all of these legislative happenings, it is important to keep updated, and a family and divorce lawyer makes this much easier.

During the first quarter of 2012, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a rule that would make it easier for illegal immigrants with American citizens in their immediate family to apply for permanent residency. The rule would reduce the amount of time illegal immigrants are separated from their immediate American families while seeking legal resident status. This rule may affect up to one million of the approximate 11 million immigrants illegally residing in the United States.

U.S. President Barack Obama continued to focus on illegal immigration during second quarter 2012. He announced easing of deportation rules for undocumented immigrants under age 30 who were brought to the U.S. prior to age 16 and have resided here for a minimum of five consecutive years. The nearly 800,000 youths can now apply for a two-year, renewable work permit provided that they meet certain criteria.

Several states, including Florida, sought to rewrite state alimony laws in 2012 to better reflect modern marriages and make the alimony system less of a burden on the payer. Florida is just one state seeking to end lifelong alimony and reduce financial stress on payers. Activists say that Florida and several others states favor women unfairly regarding alimony and do not consider their educational level and employment status.

In celebrity divorce and family law news, singing superstar Usher Raymond was granted sole legal custody of his two children with ex-wife Tameka Raymond. The decision was a surprise to many, as Georgia courts typically grant custody to the mother. In the majority of cases, sole custody is only granted when one parent is deemed mentally or physically unfit or due to his or her lifestyle. Courts focus on the best interests of the children when making custody decisions.

It is clear that changes to family and divorce rules/laws will be ongoing. This makes it difficult for the average person to keep up with developments relevant to his or her personal situation. With the help of a family and divorce lawyer, it becomes less time-consuming to stay abreast of legal and administrative ruling changes because the attorney assumes this responsibility.

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2 thoughts on “Recent Changes in Family Law Rules and Procedures”

  1. Pedro Alejandro Almanza

    I really do feel and believe fathers should have equal rights to their children.
    I am also glad things are changing as of more rights to fathers specially when mothers have looss all rights to their child as that is my case. I want to thank to whomever has made it easier for fathers to have more rights to their children because that should of ve been the case for a long time.
    I am happy knowing fathers have now equal rights unlike before mothers would only be granted with full custody and have made it hard for dads to be more involved in their childs life. I thank god for making people like you guys understand how inmportant it is for fathers to know fathers now have it easier to be in their childrens lifes.
    Thank you all for changing lifes and easier for Dads 🙂
    Sincerely Pedro Almanza

    1. No one listens anyway.

      I find it hard to hold back the need to comment on this subject of BEST INTEREST OF THE MINORS, It’s all plain and simple, It’s not as complex as it is all overwhelming when any subject that starts with child and ends with custody. To any father out there reading this blog, dont think about the cost of an attorney.. Without a lawyer to speak for you in court , no matter how informed you are, Ypu will be taking a chance with the children your trying to protect, As far as the vest interest of rhe minors,, Someone forgot to remind the judge that ruled for the minors mother, who lost paewntal rights to 6 children prior to abandoning 2 others to live in a small house with their 6 siblings their maternal grandmother who has a weight issue and a diabetlc, not once not twice but three times at her convience, Collected welfare for the 2 in another county and filed child support, Never realizing the total kaos that was finally exposed, And after petitioning a family court and chilrens court case at minors request mother who moved in to the home omly for the court case id dtill partying now the minors are partying and nothing. My husband has lost a second daughter recently out drinking on a school night with friends and a drinking driver. she was 17, and 3 years and 7 days lost his 13 year old to undetermined cause. AND TWO YOUNGER ONES BOTH OF WHO ADMITTED TO USING DRUGS, aND ANOTHER SON THROWN OUT AT 18 LIVING ON THE STREET

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