Avoid a Contested DivorceWith the right divorce attorney on your side, you can avoid a contested divorce. Working towards an agreed divorce is possible if you are ready for compromise. Problems occur when people start disagreeing on property or custody during a divorce – what happens when the only thing a soon-to-be ex husband and wife can agree on is the fact that the marriage is over. When it comes to pensions, 401k, asset division, and child custody, they are about as far apart as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Emotions, frustration, and stress only make matters worse as the divorce goes on. If this is your situation, you need to step back, take a breath, and figure out how to get things worked out before you spend all of your time and money in court. Speaking with a local divorce attorney here is probably your best first step.

Avoid a Contested Divorce!


It will be tough, but someone has to step up and make a concession. You would be surprised how much easier things can go once the first person offers just a little bit of give. Sit down and look at the most important issues to you in the lawsuit. Now, do the same thing with what you believe to be the most important things for your spouse.

Once you have this done, you can make some concessions about items that are not very important to you, but where you were really only being difficult out of anger and resentment. If you present it in a way that shows you actually still care about the person’s concerns, it could open up negotiations on the items both of you deem important.

In all likelihood, one of the major issues is going to be child custody. Some parents will hold out simply to aggravate the other parent. However, you really need to look at this honestly to decide if you are the better parent for the children. Does your work schedule, life style, and accommodations promote an environment that is good for the children?

Giving in to custody does not mean that you do not want to see your children, but maybe they are better off staying with the parent that has more time and that will keep them in the same home where they have grown up. Instead of arguing over custody, come up with a viable visitation schedule that allows to you spend real quality time with the kids as well as giving the other parent a small break and allowing them to have some aspect of an adult life.

We know, giving in to him or her is the last thing that you want to do, but going through an uncontested divorce is much easier and far less expensive than a contested divorce. If you do not trust yourself in the same room, make the offers through your divorce attorney. After all, his or her job is to get you through the divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible while protecting your interests. In the end, everyone wins because they are able to move on with their life that much quicker and avoid the after effects of a long and ugly divorce battle. Contact our team of divorce professionals right now so you can avoid a contested divorce!

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