divorceWhether they experienced an agreed or contested divorce, former spouses emerge to a new world. Many spend so much time learning their divorce rights and dividing property that they fail to realize how much their life will change after divorce. Once the marriage is dissolved, they stand alone, which can be extremely scary. Life after divorce is a process of moving on and finding yourself, which involves both uncertainty and excitement. Expert attorneys (like ours!) know how to set up your divorce to help it end as smoothly as possible.

Life After Divorce

No question about it, divorce is a major life change. Any change is stressful, but divorce adds another layer because the stress continues after the event takes place. A person finds him or herself having to deal with issues like career change, downsizing, finances, and parenting, alone. This can feel overwhelming and letting go of the old life can be just as difficult.

Though the marriage may have seemed like the entire world, it will someday become a memory. The first step in letting go involves realizing that there is much more life to live. Thinking that things are horrible impacts how you feel. Recognize post-divorce life as the new beginning that it is and do not waste time regretting what was said or done during the marriage.

Time does not stop for a divorce and though grieving the marriage is natural, the process should not drag on forever. It comes time to get on with life and create a happy and meaningful future. Recognize when this time has arrived and begin taking steps to move forward, going at a comfortable pace. Realize that your children need guidance and support, not a parent who is angry or crying all the time. Be a positive example for others rather than a sympathy case.

Moving on may require defining a new relationship with the ex-spouse if children are involved. In all cases, it requires developing a financial and life plan. Support from friends and family members is important during this transitional period. A divorce lawyer may continue to prove valuable by providing referrals to counselors and financial experts.

Though you are no longer part of a couple, you are still a complete person. Take time to find the individual within and embrace that person. There is nothing wrong with making yourself top priority and it may even lead to a career or life passion that has long remained dormant. Establishing a foundation for success as an individual will make the future as exciting as the past once was. Professional lawyers help make this possible by settling things the right way.

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