Most divorces are not cut and dry because spouses tend to disagree when dividing property or deciding on child custody arrangements. While a car or even a home can be replaced, a child cannot, making custody a particularly important issue. If you want to win custody in divorce, knowledge, preparation, and some expert assistance are essential.

Laws can be very complex and this is certainly the case for regulations pertaining to child custody during divorce. Though several factors are commonly considered, custody laws vary by state. Ultimately, who receives custody is a subjective decision based mainly on the best interests of each child. Parents should put their children’s interests above all else when making legal and physical custody decisions. Unfortunately, each parent typically acts in his or her best interests, creating disagreement from the start.

Divorcing parents must put aside their differences and think as objectively as possible. Which household environment offers the most comfortable living arrangements? Which residence will be most conducive to the school commute? Which parent is best able to provide food, clothing, and other necessities for the children? Which adult will make the most reasonable decisions regarding childcare, education, religion, and other important issues?

Parents who are unable to answer these questions or whose responses differ set the stage for a custody fight during divorce. Retaining family law attorneys to help them navigate the discussions decreases the likelihood of disagreements and streamlines the custody process. If the parties still cannot arrive at a mutually-agreeable outcome, each will have a lawyer to advocate for his or her best interests in court.

There are no winners in a custody battle in divorce. Each parent emerges emotionally exhausted and parental attitudes trickle down to the children. Parents should instead fight for custody through their attorneys, a situation that removes much of the emotion from the discussions. Experienced family lawyers are excellent negotiators both in and out of court.

The best way to win custody during divorce is to show that you are the better parent. A family law attorney will help you prove this to the other parent and, if necessary, to a judge. Being a good parent requires making the children the top priority and always acting in their best interests. Though an attorney cannot improve a person’s parenting skills, he or she can shine a light on them during custody discussions in order to achieve a favorable outcome.

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