This is one of the most important decisions you may make in your entire life and it should not be taken lightly. Our website is designed to take the pressure off because we work with approved attorneys that meet our specific designations. That being said, you may want to consult with more than one lawyer before you decide to jump in the pool.

It’s important for you to pick someone that works for you, and not necessarily someone that a friend used or who you saw on the television. This is a personal choice that only you can make.

Here’s some steps to follow that can help:

1.    Scope out your potential attorneys website and see if they offer resources to help you through the process (that’s what we do!)

2.    Find out if they’re the type of lawyer that works with you through more than just the divorce, because you may have real estate issues that they can help with as well.

3.    Check their practice areas—do they focus on family law (as our attorneys on this site do) or do they dabble in multiple areas of the law with no clear focus?

4.    Do they provide you with the compassion you need to get through this difficult process (find this out right away by their demeanor on the phone).

5.    Do they ask if your situation is something they work out amicably, eventually? (A good lawyer will always attempt to avoid conflict while still being able to be a pitbull when necessary).

Hopefully this helps you in your search for the perfect divorce lawyer for your situation. But the most important of all thing to remember is not to wait too long—when you’ve reached the point of looking for a family law attorney, you need to act in an expeditious manner. Taking too much time may damage your chances at what you are fighting for. Good luck!

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