How do I get Joint Custody?
Getting joint custody needs to be handled by an experienced family lawyer.

Getting divorced but neither of you can bear losing time with the children? Get a family lawyer and petition for joint custody. More parents are sharing physical and legal custody of their children these days, working together to raise their youngsters to be capable adults. It is healthy for children to have relationships with both parents so give them what is best.

Two types of custody can be shared by parents: physical and legal. When parents share physical custody, they work out a schedule that typically involves splitting weeks, months, or longer with children. In essence, children will have two residences and when they are with one parent, that adult is responsible for feeding and other care as well as transporting the children to and from school and activities, if applicable.

With a shared legal custody arrangement, each parent has a say in major decisions affecting their children. This may include where the children go to school, what religious affiliation they have, and what sports or other activities they join. Parents may need to compromise on some of these decisions and their ability to work together determines whether they will share legal custody over the long-term.

To get joint custody in divorce, parents should come to agreement regarding their physical and legal duties to their children. An attorney is not needed to file for joint custody but the complexity of family laws makes it wise to hire one. There is a lot of paperwork involved in petitioning a family court for child custody. Each parent will need to prove that he or she is able to care for the children and make good parenting decisions and a family lawyer can help with this.

Lawyers help their clients complete and file custody petitions and other required documents with the courts. They also prepare their clients for the mediation that follows. A strong, organized case is the key to receiving joint custody. At the mediation, the attorney will argue that it is in the best interest of the children to have contact with both parents.

Parents who reach a custody agreement during mediation avoid a court hearing. The judge will grant joint custody and the parents can begin making the relevant arrangements. If a hearing is required, attorneys will prepare their clients to present themselves in the most positive manner. After listening to both parents, the judge will render a custody decision.

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  1. Recently moved from Florida to Georgia where ex-husband resides in order to go after him for back child support and future support would like to hire a famlly law lawyer who work pro bono or free consultation who do you recommend?

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