How Do I Divorce My Wife When She Does Not Want To?
Divorce can be an emotional roller coaster. Especially when one spouse does not want a divorce.

In a perfect world, each party to a relationship would simultaneously realize that it is time to part ways. Unfortunately, reality is far from perfect and many breakups are filled with disagreements and even violence. Married couples tend to have more difficulty ending their relationships than those who are unmarried because there is more on the line. Husbands who want to divorce wives who wish to remain married may face a long and difficult road.

Whatever the reasons for divorce: cheating wife, growing apart, or the most severe circumstances such as abuse, ending a marriage can be difficult. It can be even more challenging if spouses do not agree to get divorced. Many wives feel like they should stick it out no matter how bad things get because getting divorced makes them feel like failures. Their husbands, on the other hand, may want to get out and move on.

Any husband who finds himself considering divorce should consult a family law attorney for advice. After discussing the marital situation and hearing why the male spouse wants a divorce, this lawyer will explain the potential outcomes. If the husband decides to proceed, he should retain this specialized attorney to serve as legal representative throughout the process.

A wife who does not want to divorce can make life very difficult for her husband. She may refuse to engage in discussions regarding property division or child custody. In the most extreme situation, she may not engage in any discussions regarding dissolution of the marriage. This makes it necessary for a husband to rely on his attorney for contested divorce help with taking his wife to court.

Husbands should never proceed without legal representation when attempting to divorce unfaithful or abusive wives. It can be very difficult to prove these situations and the onus rests on the accusers. A family law attorney will help a male spouse gather the documentation required to divorce an abusive wife or a wife who cheated.

Even husbands who are intent on divorcing may question themselves along the way if they have no one on their side. Divorce can be a quagmire for anyone unfamiliar with relevant laws and possessing limited financial knowledge. Without expert guidance, it is easy to be taken advantage of and unknowingly give up rights that can drastically change one’s future. Divorce lawyers understand state divorce laws and know how to navigate the local court system to achieve the most positive outcomes.

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