Tips for Living Together Through Divorce
Although living in the same home during a divorce is not ideal, there are some tips that can help make remaining under the same roof more bearable.

Many people assume that once divorce documents have been filed, one of the parties in the marriage is required to move out of the couple’s marital home. This is in fact not a requirement though one of the spouses can move out if he or she chooses to do so. The soon-to-be exes can both remain in the marital home during their divorce proceedings with one notable exception – if the cited reason for divorcing is irreconcilable differences, they must live apart even if they are residing under the same roof.

Tips for Living Together Through Divorce

For some couples, remaining in the same home during a divorce is necessary for financial reasons, but if domestic violence is an issue or the couple remaining in the same home causes emotional distress for any children they have, the couple should speak with their attorneys about available options to help protect themselves and their children. Although living in the same home during a divorce is not ideal, there are some tips that can help make remaining under the same roof more bearable:

Household Expenses – During a divorce where the couple is still living together, it is important that they still maintain the household’s expenses. This means the couple must allocate the expenses by an agreement or a court order.

Living Space – In order to still qualify for a “no-fault” divorce, it is important for the soon-to-be exes to establish separate living spaces. Make sure to create a physical divide between living spaces.

Personal Living Expenses – When going through divorce proceedings, all personal expenses should be kept separate. Should one of the spouses be considered the “stay at home” parent and does not have his or her own income, that spouse’s attorney can enter a Temporary Support Order to obtain financial support.

Household Chores – Should the grounds for the divorce be irreconcilable differences, it is important to stop performing household tasks and chores for the other spouse. This includes activities such as cleaning his or her living space, doing his or her laundry, cooking for him or her or having meals together. This is only encouraged when it helps maintain a level of normality for any children the couple has.

Parenting – It is important to ensure a parenting schedule is established between divorcing parents that allows both parties equal time alone with the children they have together. This is also important for the emotional well-being and stability of the children involved in the divorce.

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  1. Question: My Soon-to be ex Spouse and I filed a uncontested divorce my question is can my soon-to-be-ex sell vehicles and household property and not split the money 50/50 when the vehicle is in the Divorce paperwork and awaiting the Judges Decision?

  2. I feel I have no where to turn. my wife without my knowledge over the past 6 months was plotting and setting me up for the most ultimate betrayels. causing me legal problems. taking my newborn child away from me and disappearing. also taking everything we owned and leaving me with absolutely nothing. I have no idea where my child is and have made so many attempts to try to find her. in the last coming months previous to her departure she started to get violent and out of control. I had to make several police reports but no charges where filed. I soon had cps all of a sudden envolved. in a last ditch effort my wife attacked my mother and ran off into the middle of the night with my newborn on foot. very intoxicated. my mother made a police report the following day. I soon find out that my wife made false reports of abuse and still don’t know where that is leading. she has financially left me in ruins but my dedication to my family is to strong to let that stand in my way. I am reaching out for support and advice and need help so bad. months ago I started asking my wife for a divorce and I now know that this is when she started her cold and calculated plans. she would make me seem like this terrible person slowly and then one day take off. I have proof of this from her social media page facebook. I am seeking help for a divorce and also custody of my child. I don’t have much money now at the moment but am willing to do what it takes to get my child back into safe hands. my wife expressed strong emotions before and after our daughter was born. telling me she resented me for making her have a child she did not want. also told many friends and family she hated our child and did not want her. I would here my baby crying sometimes and her mom close and telling me she just fell of the bed under her supervision. I couldn’t believe how she could have just fallen but took her word for it. I fear for my childs safety and need help. please

  3. Reginald Thomas

    Hello ,my name isReginald Thomas Ian a 61year old man was married for 32year .Marrage got to be strained and there was no communication. We have 2 grown sons. All we share is a house and maybe retirement on my wife side. I have been disabled since 2007. Last August I move out of the house and into senior complex. After rent and other bill I left with little or no money can you help me?

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