If you are married and have children, a divorce will affect them. Children feel the impact of even the most agreeable divorce because the family unit is forever changed. They may spend time with one parent more than the other or split time evenly between both parents but adjustment is required in each of these situations. Before filing for divorce, understand how children will be impacted.

A family law attorney is an important individual to consult with during this time. Not only will this lawyer provide detailed information about child custody laws, he or she will also explain how divorce affects the children in the family. Experienced lawyers have seen good and bad divorces and can guide their clients toward the most positive outcomes possible.

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When both parents want to win sole custody in divorce, the situation can become very contentious. Parents may resort to name calling and other forms of slandering. Some even try to turn their children against the other parent. Unfortunately, this not only calls their reputation into question, it affects their children in a negative way. Having an attorney involved in the situation can prevent emotions from boiling over, making it possible for things to proceed in a professional manner.

Getting Child Custody During a Divorce

Getting child custody during divorce can be difficult, particularly for male parents. Courts base custody decisions on the best interests of the child and this involves reviewing the financial, emotional, and physical health of each parent. To win custody in divorce, a parent must make a strong case that he or she will be able to consistently provide for the children in all ways. Attorneys experienced in family law know what to include in this case and guide their clients in the right direction.

Most parents want to avoid any custody fight during divorce but are unable to agree about custody arrangements. At this stage, they should consider involving a third party such as a mediator or family lawyer. They will make more progress toward a mutually agreeable outcome when someone else can help them work through the messy details.

Getting joint custody is the goal of many parents while others want to win sole custody in divorce. Courts do not make sole custody decisions often so legal assistance is recommended when this is the goal. By illustrating that he or she is able to provide for the children while the other parent cannot, a father or mother may win sole custody without resorting to underhanded tactics.

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