Divorce a Husband Who CheatsMarried couples do not anticipate many of the difficulties they encounter during their time together. A husband who cheats can be one of the most painful things to go through in a woman’s life. Newlyweds usually do not expect to divorce but approximately half of them find themselves in this situation. If a cheating husband is the reason for divorce, the situation is often more difficult than if the couple simply grows apart. Experienced family law attorneys do more than just get you through the divorce process, they help counsel you on how to move on with your life in a positive manner once you’ve gotten rid of the husband who cheats. Speak with one our network attorneys right now.

Get Rid of the Husband Who Cheats on You!

If a woman decides to divorce after infidelity, a cheating husband may or may not agree to it. If the husband protests, the situation becomes a contested divorce, which involves additional paperwork, time in court, and often, higher attorney fees. Infidelity is unpleasant enough when it happens but many wives find themselves reliving it during the divorce process because they must rehash everything that occurred.

By the time a wife has decided to divorce her unfaithful husband, she may be willing to go through any emotional pain that the process requires, just so she can be free of the situation. Hiring a family lawyer is one way to place a barrier between the cheating spouse and herself. The attorney will moderate and mediate discussions, allowing her to avoid direct conversation with the man she has come to distrust.

Proving Grounds of Adultery

A wife who files for divorce on grounds that her husband has been unfaithful must prove that this is true. This may involve submitting copies of credit card bills, cell phone logs, or testimony from mutual friends or even friends of the husband. It also may require having a private investigator follow the husband to obtain visual or verbal proof of infidelity. The situation can quickly become messy, complicated, and unpleasant, making it helpful for the wife to have a legal professional on her side. Most divorce attorneys will counsel their clients to file for a no-fault divorce, as all 50-states do not require proving grounds such as adultery, and proving infidelity in court with actual admissible evidence is difficult and often incredibly costly. Because all 50-states allow for these types of no fault divorces, grounds such as adultery generally do not have impact on the division of property or even custody unless other factors may have affected these things.

In the process of preparing this documentation, the wife often learns the identity of the individual with whom her husband cheated. When this occurs, that person could be subpoenaed to testify in court. The individual will need to affirm an affair that existed or could face fines or prison time due to perjury. This is not the most comfortable way to handle a divorce but it often becomes necessary.

The need to obtain proof of infidelity and the desire to avoid being shortchanged with property division and spousal support lead many wives who were cheated on to get contested divorce help. With their legal professionals by their sides, these females feel more confident and empowered. They gather evidence that proves their husbands were cheating, which leads to a divorce decree that allows them to get on with their lives. Contacting one of our attorneys for free is the first step to moving forward.

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