Celebrity DivorceCelebrity divorce stories make headlines because people want to know everything about their favorite stars. While some celebrity divorces seem to wrap up overnight, others drag on for years. The most recent divorce news in the celebrity world includes amicable breakups, babies, and cheating scandals. Divorce lawyers that cater to the stars never seem to have empty schedules.

The divorce of reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries became official at the end of April. Good thing, because Kardashian is currently expecting a child with hip-hop boyfriend Kanye West this July. Kardashian filed for divorce after only 72 days of marriage and the proceedings dragged on for nearly one and a half years. According to a report from TMZ, Humphries will not receive any money from Kardashian.

When actor Jane Seymour filed for divorce from fellow actor James Keach, her husband of two decades, many people were shocked. The couple separated several months ago and is currently negotiating divorce terms. Seymour reports that she remains friends with her soon-to-be-ex spouse who is also the father to her 17-year-old twin boys. Neither parent is a stranger to divorce, with it being the third time for Keach and the fourth for Seymour.

In an ironic celebrity divorce twist, David Tutera, the host of My Fair Wedding, recently announced that he is dumping his husband after a decade together. In 2003, the couple held a lavish wedding ceremony in Vermont. Both are residents of California, a state that does not recognize gay marriage, so the union is officially a domestic partnership. This does not make things any simpler as the couple is expecting twins via surrogate in July and David is fighting for full physical and legal custody.

According to TMZ, country superstar Jason Aldean filed divorce papers on April 26. This will end his 11-year marriage to high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery, who is the mother of his two children. Aldean cited irreconcilable differences but it may have had more to do with reported infidelities including kissing American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr last September.

Changes to divorce laws affect celebrities just as they do average people, keeping divorce lawyers on their toes. Stars typically have more at stake during a divorce, making it important for their legal counsel to exercise client rights to the fullest extent of the law. This is not the last we have heard of celebrity divorce so stay tuned for more details.

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