According to the United States Surgeon General, domestic violence is the top health issue in America. Stories of men abusing their wives capture local, regional, and national attention. Less popular but increasingly common are situations involving wives abusing their husbands. Men should learn how to recognize spousal abuse and take steps to end it and the relationship as soon as possible.

Many male spouses do not take action against their abusive wives because they do not realize that they are victims of domestic violence. Multiple types of abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and even economic, fall under this umbrella. In a nutshell, domestic violence involves abusive behavior patterns that one partner uses to capture or maintain control over the other. It can range in severity up to and including threats, physical or virtual stalking, and physical violence.

Divorce WifeMen of all ages, races, religions, education levels, and socioeconomic backgrounds may become domestic violence victims. State laws permit victims to obtain protective orders against their spouses even if the partners are not cohabitating. These laws evolve as states recognize an increased need for protection that extends beyond marital relationships.

Taking action to divorce an abusive wife is not easy for many men. There is a societal stereotype that an abused man is weak or dependent, which makes many men embarrassed to bring their abuse to light. In addition, many male spouses fear that no one will believe them since women are perceived as the gentler gender. Fortunately, there are family law attorneys who specialize in domestic violence and are willing to help.

Abusers usually do not play by the rules. They employ guilt, fear, intimidation, and shame to wear down their victims and maintain control over them. Domestic violence by a wife usually takes the form of emotional and verbal abuse but it can also be physical. Whether abuse is coming from a male or female, it is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

The ability to successfully divorce an abusive spouse hinges on providing proof of the abuse. The male will need to record the details of each incident in writing and should get substantiating documentation from a medical professional. He should also seek counseling to treat the emotional effects of abuse. An attorney will use the documentation provided to prepare a case substantiating abuse, helping the man to get out of the marriage and begin a healthier life.

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