child custodyChild custody is the most hotly contested of all court battles. Many parents shudder at the thought of never seeing their children again. Were this thought to become reality, they would probably lose their minds. They know their child custody rights as parents and will go to great extremes to enforce these. A child custody battle may not be pleasant but to these parents, the desired outcome is well worth any pain involved in the process.

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A good parent plans to be there for their children as long as possible. Unfortunately, adult relationships do not always work out. If a married couple gets a divorce, both spouses may fight to win custody of kids. Unmarried parents may find themselves in situations where one fights for child custody from the other who currently possesses it. This often occurs when a man realizes that he is a father, knowledge that was previously withheld from him by the mother.

Whenever a child custody battle seems imminent, retaining a custody lawyer should be the first step. Clients will be aware of their parental rights and will have help enforcing these within or outside of court. Custody can be a very emotional situation when parents do not agree about how to divide it. A third party serves as the voice of reason, doing what is best for both the parents and the child.

A custody attorney considers the situation of both parents when developing a case. In some cases, a client may want to win custody of kids but may not be suitable as a primary caregiver. The attorney will recommend that the client file for joint or secondary custody. This ensures that the child receives the best quality of life possible without either parent needing to make too many sacrifices.

If the other parent is not a suitable caretaker due to substance abuse, mental health, or other issues, the attorney will note this in the case and provide substantiating evidence. Though the facts may be unpleasant to read, they illustrate why the children would be better off with the client. The attorney will make a strong case for awarding the client primary custody.

A child custody attorney will also try to prevent the custody battle from taking a toll on the children. When this situation is resolved as quickly and amicably as possible, children will suffer fewer long-term effects. They will go on to live happy, healthy lives and will never realize how hard the lawyer worked to make this situation possible.

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3 thoughts on “Child Custody is One Battle Worth Fighting”

  1. My daughters boyfriend filed for sole custody but ive had her since we split up. What should i do. I can’t afford a lawyer and have court back at week? Just got served papers just few days ago. I can’t afford a lawyer has i just had a set of twins not long ago.

  2. I already have a court for custody. My ex. has asked for a move away order. It states that neither parent shall remove the child from the state of california, county of fresno and the country of Mexico,for the purpose of changing childs residence without the written notarized consent of both parents or until further order from the court. so does this mean she still needs me to agree and sign a notarized document stating that i agree?

    1. familylawrights

      In order for a parent to take the children outside of the state where the court ordered custody was determined, the parent must file a Petition for Removal with the court, and after a hearing, a judge will determine if there is a compelling interest for the child’s best interests on whether that parent should be allowed to leave the state. You need a lawyer to fight for your father’s rights to stop the removal. Don’t waste any time – get started immediately!

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