Even celebrities find themselves in difficult situations and divorce is one thing that many of them have in common with the rest of us. When celebrities divorce, we feel their pain. Those of us who have been through a divorce know exactly what they are feeling. We may not have met the superstars but we identify with them and this bond becomes stronger when they experience something that we have.

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler Splitting Up!

The most recent divorce news involves comedian and Arrested Development actor Will Arnett and actress, comedian, writer, and producer Amy Poehler. After nine years of marriage and two children, the two announced that they will be calling it quits. The Poehler-Arnett household is probably not filled with laughter right now.

Gossip About This…

She may be familiar with divorce in her role on the television show Gossip Girl, but actress Kelly Rutherford is experiencing the pain of it in real life. Divorce has not been the end of her problems with former husband Daniel Giersch. Last month, Rutherford lost her battle to get her two children back from France, where they had summered with their father, a German businessman. She calls the situation “a mother’s worst nightmare” and is going public with the reasons for her divorce, citing other women.

Ochocinco becoming Ocho-single

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco), a former wide receiver for the NFL, countered the divorce proceedings from his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, with a filing of his own. Just one month after receiving divorce papers from his wife stating that their marriage was “irretrievably broken,” Johnson issued his own divorce filing last week. The Miami Dolphins dropped Johnson after he was arrested in August for allegedly headbutting Lozada. Johnson and Lozada married on July 4 and the former NFL star has requested enforcement of their prenuptial agreement.

Katie Holmes Celebrating Her Freedom from Scientology with New Shoes

Arguably the most explosive celebrity divorce news this year, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (TomKat) finalized their split in August, ending their five years of marriage. Holmes recently celebrated her single status by purchasing 15 pairs of high-heeled shoes from Christian Louboutin. Since she will no longer be posing for pictures with Cruise, she can look as tall as possible.

All joking aside, celebrity divorces can be painful and changes to divorce rules/laws make it necessary for celebrities to retain legal representation. While the average person may not have as much to lose through divorce, obtaining the services of a reputable divorce attorney is recommended. This legal expert helps clients navigate the unfamiliar waters of divorce and child custody.

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